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best tactic ever

  1. best tactic ever

    hey guys this is probably the best tactic i've created so far it has very good defense as-well as very attacking formation its an 5-2-1-2 or a 3-2-2-1-2 best tactic ever-newcastle-united_-tactics-overview.png with the right players you can dominate even the best teams in the world, as you can see i always use my favorite team tactic ever-english-premier-division_-overview-stages.pngthis was my first season with the toon and as you can see its pretty much to say that i dominated the PL,best tactic ever-newcastle-united_-fixtures-schedule.pngthe first half of the season i played very well and even beating teams like Chelsea 4-0 and liverpool 3-1.during tweaking this tactic i notice that my strikers weren't scoring as many as i would like,because my players just sat back and waiting and i also notice my wing backs weren't pushing up so due to the fact that this tactic is classic style i set my wing backs to wingers and ticked roam from position and tight marking as you can see it improved alot during the second half of the seasonbest tactic ever-newcastle-united_-fixtures-schedule-2.png if you notice first half season MAN U beat me 1-0 now look at the second half 5-2 even though jak alnwick scored both own goals but it was amazing football through out the whole season at first i thought it was the ME giving me loads of luck but as second season came it seems to be getting better and betterbest tactic ever-english-premier-division_-overview-stages-2.pngonly 4 goals so far went past my keeper and 20 goals and the fixture was amazingbest tactic ever-newcastle-united_-fixtures-schedule-3.pngas you can see i done the impossible and thats beating Barcelona 3-0, inter 5-1 man city 3-1 and 2-1 so i believe getting this tactic to fluid you will very much scare any team coming to you but the worse thing about this thread is that i don't kno how to upload my tactic for others to use so i really much appreciate it if some1 can tell me how to from scratch. but on the other hand ill take more screen shots of the players instruction and team instruction.P.S i would welcome any feed back and if any has any questions or needs any help im glad to help in any way. and here's the linknezza 5-2-1-2.tac

    nezza 5-2-1-2 v2.tac this updated tactic is for those who concede goals and also if your strikers aint scoring
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  2. someone tell him!!! im really struggling this year to find a tactic that actually gives some results
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  3. Add the tactic file as an attachment as you did the screenshots
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  4. im posting some screen shots as we speak for team and player instructions so just copy of them

  5. Download link?

  6. http://nezza 5-2-1-2 i think its this

  7. Quote Originally Posted by nezza6969 View Post
    http://nezza 5-2-1-2 i think its this
    Sorry dude, link not working

  8. i really have no idea how to upload my tactic

  9. Show us ya squad too...seems ironic how SAFC finished bottom with so few points. I smell a rat.

  10. Sorry transfers and its simple to add a tactic.

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