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Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2

  1. Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2

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    So, few weeks ago i started a season in As Roma and things were going ugly with a standard tactic. So i started building this tacting, little by little, until after i have tested it a lot i can say it is wonderful. For everybody who's reading, i DID NOT test this team with an underdog, so i am not sure it could work with a crappy side. It is PERFECT for top teams (could win even 8-0 against a small opponent) and for middle/top, middle teams. It could make a middle team a top one. But if you're a really shitty side, predicted to be 18th or somethin....i don't really know how it would turn out! Someone might want to give it a try????
    The philosophy
    The philosophy of the tactic is simple, however achieving it while maintaining a balacend and solid side was nearly impossible! What this tactic has that makes it different from other tactics is this: the 2 wing backs constantly run up and down and make all the phases, acting as wingers, full backs, midfielders. This is why it is really important to have good wingers at least!! (i play gareth bale and danilo!!!!) The midfield is really well build: One does the ancor man, two midfielders constantly cut inside the area and make loads of goals while one midfielder is the Advanced Playmaker. Another thing is that the goalkeeper is set as sweeper keeper in attacking mode, so make sure he's good with feet!

    Something More about the tactic

    To be a little more general about the tactic, the team has a moderately pushed up defensive line playing the offside trap and pressing more than normal. Although it seems very offensive and almost impossible to be balanced, this tactic is suprisingly solid due to the ancor man and the whole way the team is put into the field: a very strong midfield makes it difficult to penetrate.

    What you will see:

    Playing this tactic you will see a spectacular football with many goals made. The topscorers won't be only strikers, who obviously tuck the most in, but the two wingbacks, the two midfielders and the AP with shots from just outside the box. Obviously in set pieces CDs and the anchor man will tuck in too.

    The players

    Sweeper keeper: be sure he's good with feet, don't change him to Gk if he's not as it's very important he plays as a SK

    BPD & CD: Look for classic attributes for centre backs, along with acceleration if possible and some passing skills for the bpd.

    WBs: The wbs are extremely important, and they are key to this game. If you have a classic full back, sell him. if you cant sell him at least try to train him as a wb. Great players are obviously gareth bale and danilo. They are NOT cheap. I sold de rossi to buy bale. really great players too are alaba, corchia, armero, azpilicueta, pereira.

    A: The anchor man needs to anchor man! (lol). No need to be creative, just look for GREAT defensive stats. good players here are Gabi mudingayi, Lars Bender, etc. Romulo from shaktar is amazing

    CMs: All rounded players that must know how to attack, shoot, etc.

    AP: He's gotta be good! He can make a difference alone, so if you've got money to spend...spend them for a really good guy in this position. Passing, shooting, dribbling and speed are important as well as some basic defensive and work rating qualities.

    DLF & AF: The Dlf needs to be an all rounded striker with focus to speed while the Af focus on Power.

    I uploaded some screenshots you can see, best attack, best defense, and the picture of the match is just a typical sunday since the last you can see, the goalscorers have been the AP, the WBs and the CM and both strikers....a typical sunday with this tactic!!! I smashed many times juventus, even in 10....smashed (see stats, many times the scoreline was unfair although i won) man utd, barcelona, porto, man city, galatasaray in ecl and won it! Unfortunately i did not screenshot my masterpiece with bayern munchen (won 4-0). As you can see, barcelona set an unbeaten record in la liga....OPS! i smashed them in ECL.... Then i posted a screenshot of the tactic, the offensive 4-1-3-2: at the moment its the one im using, its a little bit more offensive than the "classic" "goals and parked bus: 4-1-3-2" but its basically the same. Only defense is pushed more up, pressing is more, and marking is zonal. I do advice to use the offensive one... I am the best manager in the game (first in the hall of fame) and i now manage bayern munchen....after making a revolution in the transfer market....thigns are going incredibly....too easy, i think i'll resign!

    IMPORTANT IF the opponent have a really strong striker, set in Opposition instructions tight marking always and closing down always and display weaker foot.

    VERY IMPORTANT You choose if playing "control" or "attacking" depending on your opponent! Default is set as control! I'd love to here back from you! CHEERS, AND GOOD GAME!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-25_00001.jpg   Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-25_00002.jpg   Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-26_00001.jpg  

    Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-26_00003.jpg   Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-26_00004.jpg   Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-26_00005.jpg  

    Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-26_00006.jpg   Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-26_00007.jpg   Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-26_00008.jpg  

    Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-26_00011.jpg   Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-25_00003.jpg   Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-26_00002.jpg  

    Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-28_00014.jpg   Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-2012-11-28_00013.jpg  
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  2. Ah, guys, REALLY IMPORTANT:

    For the tactic to work properly, it is important that the familiarity of the formation is AT LEAST "competent". So if you try it in the middle of the season without playing friendlies or nothin...give it time!!!
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  3. Please guys feedback would be appreciated!
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  4. I'm glad i helped bro!! it turned out awesome, i think it's perfect now! The only thing i'm wondering is why my crappy strikers score loads and my good ones never do?!?!?!??! loool thanks bro, and cheers
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  5. AMAZING !!!!!
    Just plug and play !
    With Chelsea, during midle season :

    Goals Fabric & Parked Bus: 4-1-3-2-capture-d-cran-2012-11-26-02.19.57.png
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  6. thanks mate! keep me posted!
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  7. I am going to make a quick save to try this out. Looks nice and glad to test it
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  8. let me know how it turns out!
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  9. my city going to test it... as i have little concerns with mine
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  10. no satisfied... i conceded twice, once from a cross despite having kompany, another from a corner despite having "defend set pieces" and lots of tall players

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