IA scoring %... how to lower it???

  1. IA scoring %... how to lower it???

    anyone has actually manager to low a bit the scoring ratio of IA... as i far see... on every save i did play, IA just scores whatever chances they get...

    in all saves i playerd my worst av rating was my keeper, even it is was Casillas or Ter-Stegen...

    im very concerned on this matter, because is just makes nonsense to burn your brain making a tactic if you know that even if you spend 50 million on a goalie you cannot trust him.

  2. i see keeper as the most important player, as with a good keeper you arent supposed to concede goals, and therefore you wont lose

  3. ok first its AI and second your tactic could be really shit, along with your defenders who could be crap. Teams need time to gel especially with new signings

  4. i had this issue in my 4 in a row champions league winner monaco...

    i dont blame for losing... but winning 5-1, but that 1 coming from the ONLY chance opponents create, and happening EVER its what annoys me

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