4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)

  1. 4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)

    1. Introduce
    Hi guys,

    This is the first time to introduce to you my own tactic. I know it is still far to be good as many great tactics have been uploaded around here. But why give myself a chance.

    In FM12 I have used many tactics from the forum. Even I won; finally started to get bored soon, by using another people’s tactics. So the idea here is to make a utilized tactics that anyone can modify and make it their own.

    This tactic has work well on both 13.1.2 and 13.1.3. But I have started a new game when 13.1.3 released, and it seems to get the best result until now.

    1. Manchester United
    The tactics have not been tried on any other team. However the idea is that a 4-5-1 tactics where Persie, Rooney (sometime AMC sometime CF), Kagawa, Chicharito and Welbeck can perform. Especially, this tactic based on Sir Alex Ferguson’s philosophy that the team does not need any DM. Because the wingers and strikers will be fast in attack, I hope this tactics will work on many other teams (wait for your feedback)
    1. Some first glance at the tactic’s achievement:
    4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)-2012-11-27_00004.jpg4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)-2012-11-27_00001.jpg4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)-2012-11-26_00018.jpg4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)-2012-11-26_00017.jpg

    Some typical matches:
    4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)-man-utd-v-man-city_-overview-overview.png4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)-man-utd-v-liverpool_-overview-overview.png4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)-man-utd-v-chelsea_-overview-overview.png4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)-man-utd-v-arsenal_-overview-overview.png4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)-2012-11-26_00015.jpg
    1. Player type: (Bold players are suitable the most)




    1. Tactics:
    When you use it, you have a possession game (60% I often see), many chances (than the opponent) and several clear cut chances. Although this is a 1 striker tactic, your AMC sometimes will participate in scoring a lot (My Rooney have score 9 goals in 12 matches). This is based on real life Man utd tactic.

    So, you can see the version of tactic is 9.6. “9” is the numbers of major team instructions I have made. “6” is the number of minor player instructions I have made to 9.0 versions. “9.6” has run stable for a while, now I think it is good enough to use. Any modification I will update it later (wait for your constructing comments).
    1. Most important thing: Your tweaks
    So this tactics is most special because It is not a plug-and-play. The starting tactic is good for many games. But until 35 minute your team has not scored so you can start modifying in-game, and have various kinds of attacking game. This also is special for FM2013 I think, you must change always to survive. The tactic should have your style when you are using it (remember to make feedback to me anyway). So here are the tweaks:
    • Poacher/ DLF: Both can suit this tactic for the striker position. Just change the role and see. I use P for Chicharito/Welbeck, DLF for Rooney/Persie. All they performed well.
    • Swapping: Useful tool. Swap between LW and RW. Swap between AMC(rooney) and STRK(Persie). Swap between Wingers and AMC.
    • Wingers: (important) Wide play depends on your players. Change it many times to see which is the best. For Nani/W.Nem/Welbeck it is Cut inside/Move into Channed. Cleverley/Kagawa is cut inside. For Valencia it is Normal. Basicly, "Normal" will cross ball a lot (like Valencia), Cut inside/M into channel will score and pass directly. For some attacking matches, try "Run with ball" to "often"
    • AMC: (important) when your AMC cannot keep the ball well, so: tick off “Hold ball”, reduce “Run with the ball” to "sometimes".
    • CMs: when your CMs wasted long shots are far from goal many times in a game, change their "long shot" to “Rarely”
    • Wing backs: Wing backs attacked very good in my tactics. However, when your team need more goals, change “Run from deep” to "Always".
    • Team instruction: In 9.0 versions I have reduced width play and tempo a bit. The passes connect better; however, the numbers of chances are a bit reduced. For some games against weak opponents when you have controlled the game but lack of goals, try to increase width and tempo (2 knots)
    1. Note: (for Man utd)
    • Remove “come deep to get ball” PPM from Rooney and Persie right when you start a new game. Stop Nani from “Long shot often”, train your CMs and WGs “try killer ball pass often”. I don’t remember the exact PPM anyway.
    • Retrain Rooney to AMC, Jones to MC (Jones did very well for me at MC)
    8. Opposition: Don't make any mark or Close down when you start game. This may affects your attacking fluent. After 20 minutes playing match, Mark always the opponent's important scorer, and Close down always to their Player makers/ Crossers

    9. Shout: You can take some advices here which are very helpful: Touchline Instructions | Football Manager 2013 Guide

    I usually use: Retain possession, Past to feet, drop deeper when hold on to a result at about 85 minute.

    10. Constructing comments: The tactics are still now built more. So your trying and helping are really helpful.
    When I see the Full match, the gap between CMs and CBs is still large. Appreaciate very much if you guys can tweak this for me. Next fixation is about to fix this issue.

    11. Finally, the tactic: 451 Tinker.tac
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)-2012-11-26_00015.jpg   4-2-3-1 Very tinker tactic for Man Utd (by dzunglv)-sunderland-v-man-utd_-untitled-post-match.png  
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  2. I am not a veteran in FM, so my achievement is still nothing (have not pass the first season btw). However, I believe your construction comments will help me a lot to continue my run. Thanks for reading (a bit long text) and sorry for my English

  3. Give it a go and leave me feedback mates :-)

  4. Yeah I'll try it.

  5. what about away games?

    i'm managing man utd. as well and i'm looking for a tactic for difficult away games(CL matches)..

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