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FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus
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  1. FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus

    So guys for everybody who has and for those who have not tried my tactic.

    I made many little tweaks that all toghether make this tactic much more effective. I can play my U23 in Bayern Munchen and still win against fair sides like gladabach.
    Won 3-0 at veltin's against schalcke with no problems. they made no shots on goal.

    The Making of the tactic

    I made this tactic with my friend and forum user "tuckermax91".
    The real football managares that inspire our play are: Zdenek Zeman (AS roma actual coach), Pep Guardiola (Barca ex coach....obviously!) and Luciano Spalletti (Zenit's actual coach).
    We wanted the posession of Guardiola's Barcelona with the specatularity of Zeman's offensive and high pressing play, all with Spalletti's solid defense and masterful counter attacks.
    As soon as the game was released we started working the tactic and after experimenting it thoroughly in every little detail from Team instructions to single player ones, we can say we could not do better than this.

    The tactic
    The players are set with an attacking mentality, high pressing and a pushed up defense line that cleverly plays the offside trap. The rich and balanced midfield makes it easy for the team to break opponents attacks, bring pressing and cut oxygen to opponents whilst creating opportunites, building and supporting the action and finalizing many times.
    Don't be tricked by the fact that you do not see any midfield/advanced winger: By setting the wing backs as they are they cover all the pitch and this is the most intelligent way to both have a full midfield that can control the match and wingers that can cross balls and create different opportunity per match, and score many times.
    The AP with his visions easily sees through balls and long passes, while he can still support the action and make long shots. The anchor man grants the solidity of the tactic and the two Cms work at 360°: they score, they build the action, they break attacks, they create spaces.
    The left defender is set as BPD (ball playing defender) while the right CD is set as stopper. While all the team is set to zonal marking, the two CD's are set to man mark and tight marking. The combination of all these factors renders this tactic extremely solid.
    Another really important feature of this tactic is the sweeper keeper, set in attacking mode: since the defense line is a little bit pushed up, it is important for the goally to exit the area when in posession. Be sure your gk has good kicking stats!
    The two forwards must have these characteristics: the dlf (left one) must be all rounded but with focus to creativity and pace. The Af should be still an all rounded players but with focus to heading, finalizing and strength.


    In my first year in Roma i won:
    -Serie A
    -Coppa Italia
    -Italian super cup

    In my second year in Roma i won:
    -Serie A
    -Coppa Italia
    -Uefa champions league
    -World cup for clubs
    -European super cup
    -Italian super cup

    In my third year in Roma i won:
    -Serie A
    -Coppa Italia
    -Uefa Champions League

    Then i moved to bayern where i'm at the start of the season but i already won:
    -European super cup (against roma)
    -German super cup (against nurimberg)

    Screenshots below

    Very important

    If you face a team that has a really strong striker set "tight marking---->always" and Closing down---->always and display weaker foot in "opposition instructions".

    If the team is not performing/retaining posession, switch from attacking to control mentality

    Thanks guys, would love to have some feedback. Cheers, and good game!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-27_00015.jpg   FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-27_00016.jpg   FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-27_00017.jpg  

    FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-27_00019.jpg   FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-27_00014.jpg   FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-27_00012.jpg  

    FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-27_00008.jpg   FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-27_00001.jpg   FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-26_00011.jpg  

    FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-26_00008.jpg   FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-26_00007.jpg   FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-26_00006.jpg  

    FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-26_00005.jpg   FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-26_00004.jpg   FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-26_00003.jpg  

    FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-26_00001.jpg   FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-2012-11-25_00002.jpg  
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  2. Looks good. Does this mean I should close your other thread ?
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  3. Hi Alaba,

    Whats your teamtalks? Btw what do you use @ Training Team (General Training / Scheduling / Match Training) and last but not the least pitch size


    OMG What have you done Alaba ??? 1st game with Estoril Portuguese League Predicted last:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FINAL Goals Fabric & Parked Bus-1st-game.png  
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  4. so where is the tactic??

  5. o what an idiot i am!!! i forgot to upload it! sorry guys

  6. ok its up now! sorry guys

  7. Thanks m8! I try a lot of tactics, but for me yours is (for now) the best!

  8. thanks to you gruboo!

  9. so guys just made another little update....change dlp to ap or redownload!

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