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Is my game bugged or do i have an unbelievably awesome tactic?

  1. Is my game bugged or do i have an unbelievably awesome tactic?

    So guys, before getting all excited about this i need to know if my game has some kind of problem, or if this tactic is universally good.

    Used it with tottenham just to try, i smashed city away (LOL).

    So before me describing everything and wasting time, screenshots, etc.


    Please help me test it!

    thanks guys
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  2. Screenshots?

  3. ok tomorrow ill post them, but can you please still try it even only one match?

    To me it made a difference immediately, obviously it's better fluid then just accomplished but see if you notice a difference

  4. I think its pretty safe to say that it at least is not the suspected "magic wonder tactic". I played 5 games with Real Madrid with it - level was on "competent" - drew 2 games, lost 1 and won 2. 2 Drawn games and the lost game were away, 2 won were at home.
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  5. I think you are just a genius!

    Check this out:

    ROUND 2

    Patch: 13.1.3
    Mode: Normal
    Progress: Completed!
    Tactics entry:

    TEAM A - Stephensmith (Pistol)
    TEAM B - FarazAli (Triangles Tactics)
    TEAM C - Matox (Monegasque)
    TEAM D - Rodrigo (Posesion, fluidez y vallas invictas)
    TEAM E - Paetoja (formless form2)
    TEAM F - RobadeStorici (4-1-1-3-1 by Ets NO OFFSIDE)
    TEAM G - Veez (Control 4231)
    TEAM H - ThePav (433PAV)

    Final League Standings:

    Championship Playoffs:


    - FINALLY! a tactic that able to win the Champ. Playoffs!!!
    - Despite struggle in the league, Robade's passed through Madrid, Barca, and PSG to win it!!!
    - This is kind of thing that motivate me to keep on going..

    From My Huge Tactics Testing Project (FM 2013)

    But then of course, that was your older version..
    I'll try this one too in any given chance..
    Don't disappoint me, I just got excited!
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  6. lol

    amazing! only it seems robade's new tactic onlyworks on his...we just spoke about it in via pm...


  7. Please send me a PM when you are ready to update th OP with information about the tactic and I will open the thread again.


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