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My Best tactic so far: Zemanlandia!
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  1. My Best tactic so far: Zemanlandia!

    Let's Be clear.

    In football, each team has a different style.
    Barcelona and Real madrid play an offensive football, while Rayo vallencano and triestina rely on counter attacks and on massive defending.

    This tactic is an offensive one. If the sides are in EQUILIBRIUM, you will devastate them (like i have with psg in the screenshot, and i don't think my AS roma is stronger than PSG).

    However, if your side sucks, use a 5 defender tactic or a tactic not meant to dominate the game.

    WIth this tactic, my aim is controlling posession, clear cut chances, everything. So if you have a relegation some players or change tactic!

    ZemanLandia:My Best tactic so far.

    So, as usual I will give some broad info of the tactic, and then i'll be more specific. As and admirer of As Roma coach Zdenek Zeman i tried to emulate his playing style and offensive movements. Who knows this manager and how his team play...well, just scroll down and download tactic!
    Who does not, let me tell you more!


    "Zemanlandia" was a term given to Zeman's teams indicating a spectacular attacking football where supporters where unstoppably entertained and pleased by 90's Foggia. Then "calciopoli" (italian corruption in football), led Zeman to be relegated to minor roles because of his honesty and his words against the "system".

    Until, Zemalandia was back last year at Pescara, when Zeman's super young team led by Verratti and Insigne scored 90 goals and finished unexpectedly first. As Roma decided to give an opportunity to this football teacher, and Roma fans are still waiting to see "Zemanlandia" again!

    The tactic

    For now roma fans may be happy to see Zemanlandia is back on Fm 2013!

    High defense line, offside trap, high pressing, zonal marking. But even short first touch passes. Wingers are set to move inside the channels. The whole of these things makes this tactic solid, spectacular and extremely versatile: it is good against top teams as well as low ones. Feel free to switch from attacking to control

    The players

    Having the right players for this tactic is important, although no particular characteristics are needed!

    Sweeper Keeper: It would be better if he had some good "kicking stats"

    WBs: NOT FULL BACKS! they must be wing backs, and this is the zone of the field where you want to spend money to get good players. they make a difference1

    CDs: Heading, marking, tackling, jumping, pace positioning and acceleration...

    CMs: The center Cm must be extremely good in strength, tackling, work rate. the left & right one must be all rounded cms

    Wingers: Wingers, yes, but instead of hugging touchline in this tactic they are set to move into channels. So they need to be some kind of Wingers/strikers, that have no problems in scoring and making the right movements.

    AF: Complete, strong, finalizer.


    Have tested this so far in 9 league games, 1 european super cup final, 2 ECL matches.

    9 serie A games: 35 goals scored, 4 conceded. Won 3-0 against juventus away, 4-1 against napoli away.

    ECL: tied with panathinaikos playing all subs after making more than 20 total shots. They scored from a set piece. Won AWAY with PSG 3-1

    I know it's early but i know this tactic is great! I will post screenshots as i go!

    Please give me feedback and keep me posted! Cheers, and good game
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My Best tactic so far: Zemanlandia!-2012-11-29_00005.jpg   My Best tactic so far: Zemanlandia!-2012-11-29_00004.jpg   My Best tactic so far: Zemanlandia!-2012-11-29_00003.jpg  

    My Best tactic so far: Zemanlandia!-2012-11-29_00019.jpg  
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  2. So guys, i started a save with tottenham and started vacationing to see how it turns up.

    these are the results so far, will keep posted!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails My Best tactic so far: Zemanlandia!-2012-11-29_00006.jpg  

  3. does this one actualy work? you said all these things about your last tactic and no offense but it got alotof bad reviews and failed miserably in the tactics testing project, just asking mate as this game is fuk**g windin me up
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  4. Jcrook, i'm doin everything i can to experiment this tactic. I'm now looking if it suits lower teams, so i opened an old save, retired from roma manager and picked up a club facing relegation (cagliari). will i be able to save it from the middle of the season vacationing ONLY with this tactic? let's wait! give it a try, i'm sure it works from middle, middle/top, top teams.

  5. you also said this about your universal one....which is best???

  6. With no doubts, this one! i'm really curious to know if Fiorentina will make it, i just plugged the tactic when they were like 16th.

    Let's see how that turns out (to know if it makes wonders for low teams).

    For tottnenham and Roma, it was perfect. plug & play!
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  7. so its solid at the back and creates lots?? becoz your other ones wernt too good mate

  8. Until now jcrook, i have only tested it with As Roma and Tottenham.

    These sides for me are middle/top teams. For this type of teams, middle/top to top, yes, it's like this. For middle/low, low teams i still don't know as i have not tested them!

  9. im going to try with my amazing chelsea side now, il be your tester

  10. Perfect! let me know, i appreciate any critiscism!

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