Attacking tactic help

  1. Attacking tactic help

    Having bashed my head against a wall trying too use other peoples tactics i have decided to take the plunge and create my own. I read what people have said and just created a basic tactic using my players strengths and keeping it simple and have had reasonable results.

    Problem is my attacking formation isnt scoring many goals and is just grinding out 0-0 or 1-1 results. The away formation is working well and i managed to grab a win against Barca!

    Tactic is as follows

    Gk - Goalkeeper - Def
    DR/L - Full Back - Support
    DCR/L - CD - Def
    DMC - Anchorman - Def
    MCR - AP - Support
    MCL - DLP - Support
    AMC - Attacking Midfield - Att
    STL - Poacher - Att
    STR - Trq - Att

    Have set to rigid/control and also tried balanced/attacking . Only changes to team instructions i have made is for short passes and and drill crosses as i have small quick forwards.

    Is there anything obvious you can see that i could change to help create more goals and chances? I dont have a playmaker set as i dont really understand how it works.

    Its about 7 seasons in, and media projection was 5th. Better squad than most now but big difference between me and the big boys

    FB's are both good regens but better full backs than wing backs and my DMC is a god like regen!

    CB's are solid defensivly but not that quick or good ball players

    I have powel , hiljemark and mutch in Midfield, choice of Midjsto or will hughes in AM and my strickers are fierro who i have trained into an amc/st trq (I used to play 4-6-0) and Son Hueng Min as a poacher

    Cheers for any advice

  2. In a diamond formation i would have both my strikers as goal scorers, I.e poacher and advanced forward or CF. Also I would be getting a box to box player in the CM role instead of an advanced playmaker. As he will be trying to operate in the same space as your attacking mid and trequartista.

  3. Your playing a narrow formation so try putting your fullbacks on attacking duty. Team instructions attack so with that (not including keeper) you want 5 players with attacking duties, 3 on defensive and 2 on support. Fluid short passing too will work best.

  4. Thanks, i will give those a try

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