Hi Guys,

Now I am not really good at these things but I am looking for maybe 4-8 Players to start a new game and play 5-10 Competitive games no tweaks just input if possible for some feedback.

Now my Tactic is based on the "12 steps Guide" if you have read this then you should know it is extremely helpful, If not then get it done.

The tactic is a 4-2-3-1 like Raikan007 with the AMC the main outlet and also the main attacking threat always getting in the box causing havoc!!

What I need is feedback on what could improve.

I don't want to get too into the ins and out of the tactic because it's pretty simple but I am looking for 2 or 3 People to go Big Fast Teams, Two to go to mid table Prem Teams and and maybe 2 to go teams with maybe slow back lines.

Here is the Player set up
Tactic Help-2012-12-01_00001.jpg

Tactic set up
Tactic Help-2012-12-01_00002.jpg

Player Shouts
Tactic Help-2012-12-01_00003.jpg

again looking for a few games no tweaks just input if possible.

Thanks if you contribute to this. here is few SS of my results so far since starting these tactics.

Tactic Help-2012-12-01_00006.jpg

Tactic Help-2012-12-01_00007.jpg

Tactic Help-2012-12-01_00009.jpg

Tactic Help-2012-12-01_00010.jpg

Although only Rangers still give it a go please.

Get in touch please if you want to try so I can upload Tactic