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451 sexy football invinclbe
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  1. 451 sexy football invinclbe

    451 sexy football invinclbe
    451 sexy football invinclbe-images%5B1%5D.jpg
    Infomation about the formation
    451 sexy football invinclbe-arsenal_-tactics-overview.png

    The reason why i made this formation i started a brand new save with arsenal and i wanted to try and make a formation that was attractive football fast movment and plenty of ball possession so far i have noticed that we get on average 61% ball possession ok so not like barcelona but still pretty high but most inportantly you get results and that is what you want in a formation.
    Why this formation and approach then ?

    I some times forget that i am playing football manager because my team plays alot like arsenal in real life i am a massive fan on how wenger has manage arsenal over the years he has been an idol to me and i personally think he one of the world best managers.

    Player roles and duties
    With this formation i decied to use for the very first time player instructions and doing this has been effective we have a lot of creative players so i wanted to add this to the formation .

    Defenders and Fullback
    451 sexy football invinclbe-centre-back.png451 sexy football invinclbe-right-centreback.png451 sexy football invinclbe-player-left-back.png451 sexy football invinclbe-right-back.png

    Midfielders and Wingers
    451 sexy football invinclbe-deep-playmaker.png451 sexy football invinclbe-cazorla-cm.png451 sexy football invinclbe-zaha-winger.png451 sexy football invinclbe-right-winger.png451 sexy football invinclbe-gozte-iamc.png

    451 sexy football invinclbe-arsenal_-tactics-player.png
    Leave all the player instructions as they are or the formation will not work

    League table

    451 sexy football invinclbe-english-premier-division_-overview-profile.png

    To be honest i just use the defult setup. I have never used individuall schedules but if you want to make one or even download one, try to focus on those parts important to you as a manager.

    Match Preparation
    Once again, I just leave this to my ass manager to sort out this mini feature

    Pitch Size
    Basic standard

    Top players

    451 sexy football invinclbe-olivier-giroud_-history-career-stats.png451 sexy football invinclbe-alex-oxlade-chamberlain_-history-career-stats.png451 sexy football invinclbe-wilfried-zaha_-history-career-stats.png451 sexy football invinclbe-jack-wilshere_-history-career-stats.png451 sexy football invinclbe-mario-g-tze_-history-career-stats.png

    Please leave feed back good and bad

    4-5-1 SEXY FOOTBALL.tac
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  2. Will try mate could you post results please mate
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by craig curtis View Post
    Will try mate could you post results please mate
    yeah i will post them now mate
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  4. 451 sexy football invinclbe-prt1.png451 sexy football invinclbe-part2.png451 sexy football invinclbe-part3.png
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  5. i dont know if it down to the me or a certain player the defenders just dont defend some think i will change in the up coming season

  6. Ah hah, just can't wait to buy zaha for wenger.

  7. im just starting a chelsea save mite give this a try...! you could try dropping the defencive line a little
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  8. Will try this later with lfc
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  9. how has every one found this formation so far

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Adi1974 View Post
    im just starting a chelsea save mite give this a try...! you could try dropping the defencive line a little
    how is your game going mate

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