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  1. CCCs


    I have just created 9 CCCs away to Fulham with Man Utd but only managed to score 2. Has anyone else experienced a high amount of CCCs but find that the players fail to hit the back of the net with most of them?

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  2. Yeah, it can sometimes happen. À CCC is à chance that " If all circumstances are perfect", à player should score from. If à player is out Of balance, have the ball on his weak foot, is acting in haste, is under pressure, feels under pressure from the opponent, having à bad day, being anxious/nervous out Of confidence etc, its still à CCC. Also remember that once à player/team has started by miss these chances, they are more likely to miss the next one to than if they have just scored.
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  3. Well there was that Matox guy that kept getting a wee bit mad over that, at least you aren't like him LOL....... He'd get about 6 CCC's and score 1, whilst his opponent would score all of their's :/

  4. It happens. I was using a tactic someone had uploaded and I was getting roughly 4-6 CCC's a game and scoring maybe 1 or 2 of them. I was using United as well. even worse was that I was taking like 30 shots per game, so it was rather annoying. Now with my own tactic I am getting 3-5 CCC's a game, taking maybe 12-17 shots a game and scoring roughly 3 a game. Much better.

  5. how do ya get more ccc

  6. Do you mean like this? Haha... Iv had this happen every now and again it can be frustrating but for the most part I thrash teams...


  7. help

    i keep leaking goals
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by corofin2k12 View Post
    i keep leaking goals
    Not sure if srs.... But if you are serious, look at your formation. both centre mids are attacking, you're set to attacking, only two defensive players as wingbacks on automatic in an attacking style are very attacking! Get some balance, maybe try using control over attack and DEFINATELY sort out thouse two cms, try a BWM defend and DLP support combination?

    Nice squad though
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  9. thanks

  10. On this point, I feel that it often takes fewer shots or opportunity for opponents to score ...

    Do you feel this way?

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