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Can simple mathematics beat Football Manager?
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  1. Can simple mathematics beat Football Manager?

    Is it possible to work out what player instruction best fits each player?

    Eg.Short passing

    Shorter passing requires Anticipation concentration and first touch a maximum of 60 points 20 points for each

    Short passing slider has 6 notches

    60 divided by 6 = 10

    Eg. Rio Ferdinand
    Has 18 Anticipation, 16 concentration and 15 first touch add the together 49 divided by 10 =4.9 = 5 notches

    hope it makes a bit more sense now
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  2. only way to find out is for you to test it, good luck!

  3. i will do this formula for all player and all instructions. but would like to know if anyone has tried anything similar and what results the got. or if anyone would like to test this formula theirself
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  4. I think the grid exploit system in 12 was made from a logic (dunno if mathematical) basis.

    By doing this you expect to have 2 things, i suppose: getting the minimum required for a player to be on your team OR to fit the best tactic to your players, am i right?

  5. my aim is to adjust tactic so every player is using the sliders he is most comfortable with. do you think this could work or is there other factors which will throw this formula out the window?
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  6. Slide : what does it means ??? Sorry for my bad English

  7. its just the number of notches on each individual instruction

  8. Quote Originally Posted by stuieg1 View Post
    its just the number of notches on each individual instruction
    can you upload image about your setting in ex : Ferdinand and why you know short passing only need : anticipation, concentration and first touch. Sorry if it's stupid question but i'm really dont know that
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  9. im just testing at the moment, i found out the requirements for each instructin from guide to

  10. I don't have a fucking clue what you OP says...
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