Norimberto 41221 ( 451)
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  1. Norimberto 41221 ( 451)

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    With these tactics we aim to have the control of the midfield through a balanced tactics, trying to open up opposing defenses thanks to the play of the wings and at the same time taking advantage of the insertions and skills of the one attacking midfielder.
    Variants consist of a defense for the difficult away games (and underdog) and the offensive for the matches to win and hard to unlock.
    It 'a tactic that covers the whole field, the 4 defenders with the full-backs pushing normaly, a defensive middefield that contributes to the possession even if it is after all a ball winner. In midfield there are a playmaker and a midfielder with atypical tasks very offensive kind of trequartista with defensive duty. Two wings offensive to open the defenses and put inside fast cross for the attacker, the midfielder inserted, or for the other wing. Finally, a quick striker that often uses the gaps in defense open by the wings, and to place low cross.
    The style is fluid to make so that the ball turns and all player contribute to the operation clearly guided by a playmaker which, however, has also defensive duties.
    A control strategy for balancing the team and allow the ball possession, thanks also to a lower rythem than normal. Clearly short steps to allow such a thing and an amplitude that is large to exploit the wings, but not too much to still allow a good ball possession in which they can contribute the same wings in case of need.
    The cross strictly fast as mentioned above, to exploit insertions of the midfielder and the other wing more rapid the attacker.
    A high defensive line, the pressure and contrasts aggressive actions to break the enemy and still have control of the game. Zonal marking.

    Defensive attitude becomes balanced break. Less freedom to invent taking less risk, less pressing, marking, and contrasts normal pressure, the cross remains fast, the defensive backs as well as the magnitude of the game. Dramatically increases the pace of the game to take advantage of the counter attack.

    Offensive: Switching fluid and offensive. Compared to the basic tactics the fullbacks rise and become ??thinners??. The defensive line and the amplitude of play increases as well as the pace of the game.

    Recommendations for the use of tactical

    Field size: 104 - 67 (in the lower divisions have bigger could be better);
    Instructions for opponents: personally I delegate Ass coach, there is something special to be reported;
    Instruction pre-match and range: Depends on games, teams, etc.., It is not possible to give any special instructions;
    Screams from the sidelines: In the beginning you can do without it and see how the game progresses, but it's usually good to put "disturbed opponents." If you want to stick more than the latter also included "exploited flanks", "try to overtake", "play wider", "state higher". If you want to defend more and play it more than counter use "were behind", "play closer", "play the ball in space";
    Changes in case of expulsion: Generally remove the difensive mid , but then it depends on many variables of the game;
    Pre-game preparation (whether in the preseason that the current championship): depends on the opponents, the strength of their team, etc.. etc..;
    Additional area of ​​attention (both in the preseason that the current championship): as mentioned above depends on many things, being a balanced tactic it is useful to leave no stone unturned;

    Recommendations on the quality of the players

    keeper: Nothing special, just know that parry;
    CENTRAL DEFENDERS: Must be complete enough, it must be low or low elevation;
    Full Backs: They must be speedy and fast, also still quite complete;
    defensive Mid: Must be able to break the game, have a lot of power and should not be slow because it has to do so much pressure, even without walking too little!;
    Midfielders: One must be an atypical Playmaker, who is in charge of directing but press and helps on defense, it must be so complete, although a little slower but still determined, strong, with technique and creativity --- The other must have offensive capabilities, almost playmaker atypical, but should still be a midfielder in all directions, must have good speed and is preferable to a GOOD movement without the ball;
    Wings: Just have to be fast, even if you do not have a very good dribbling, of crossing and must be able to shoot at goal, important movement without the ball;
    Striker: BASIC WITHOUT BALL, must not be slow, so it's good to have one quick and fast, even if he has a bit less finalized. Useful to have a good technique and imagination.


    Goalkeepers: Freedom to invent little, passages mixed.
    DEFENDERS: less offensive mentality, very little freedom to invent, pressure below the mid-field, mixed passages.
    FullBacks: Steps filter sometimes, rarely long shots, pressing in midfield, less freedom to invent.
    Defensive Mid: less offensive mentality, very little freedom to invent, harsh contrasts, pressure across the board.
    MIDFIELDER MIDDLE RIGHT (DIRECTOR ATYPICAL): Possession is, more pressing, more offensive mentality, normal freedom to invent, harsh contrasts.
    MIDFIELDER MIDDLE LEFT: Pressing in midfield, more freedom to invent and offensive mentality, no possession.
    Wings: offensive mentality and pressure in midfield.
    Striker: Very offensive, slightly more freedom to invent, more pressing.


    It 'important to know how to change tactics and use variants when appropriate, depending on the difficulty of the game and their own performance.
    CAUTION: If you want to impose an even more offensive game during the game, you can change the median with a striker by putting side by side to form a 4 2 2 2, clearly and 'always very important to give instructions from the sideline to give adequate momentum more offensive.
    Absolutely there are instructions, but mostly it's all mixed. There are changes in the instructions for every single player on set pieces, but then that depends on the type of player who has one in that position.
    Type the left central midfielder is set to "make the player lower", but if that role puts a strong head should still change it.
    Usually, however, is an offensive player with technical skills and race rather than physical. Same goes for the others!
    Head certainly are 3 editions of FM that use a similar tactic and in this I did 2 years with Milan and a period with a team of Serie C2 and did not have to do almost no change.
    With Milan being stronger than the media always start with the normal one. Even against the best teams and see how it goes.
    But if you take a team of lower rank without a lot of quality players in midfield, especially when you're away from home is good to put the defensive.
    The offensive in previous fm I used often beginning, no, more than just change the settings from the sidelines as I described, making offensive and then I see ...
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  2. Download the tactic here
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  4. I'm so surprised that anyone comment that tactic!!!!

  5. First Team
    sorry mate but 98 % of people playing similar tactic so most people now a lot about this tactic.

    If you make for example 3-4-3 I am sure you will have plenty comments and questions

  6. How many 4-1-2-2-1 ara consistent out there? most of them do not work or you need to manage Real or Barcelona! tell me if I'm wrong

  7. kk I'll help u test this @ a lower league club

  8. thanks a lot mate

  9. what tipe of forward and centleft mid must play, i play with OM in France.Thanks.

  10. ive just started a port vale(league2) ill give them a go

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