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FM 13 TACTICAL CHALLENGE THREAD - Who is the best Football Manager out there?
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  1. FM 13 TACTICAL CHALLENGE THREAD - Who is the best Football Manager out there?


    I had the idea to create this thread, after creating a very successfull tactic, but one that works very well in all games except away to stronger opponents. I've tried to create counter tactics and variations but nothing seems to work. So i thought why not create a challenge like the one implemented in the game this year, to see if anyone out there has the tactical genious to accomplish what i havent been able to, and if they can to give them their much deserved credit.

    The idea is, to challenge anyone and everyone that believes he or she is capable of developing my tactic into an effective counter-attack tactic to use in games away from home against stronger opponents. The objective is to create a tactic that can be used in tandem with the first. So although position changes and changes to the philosophy of the tactic can be made, these have to take into account that the same squad of players are going to be used for both tactics, so these changes cannot be too drastic and both tactics must be in "harmony" with each other. This is the difficult part, not only make something that works, but make something that works with something else. Much like a marriage! yes, that difficult! hehehe

    This challenge is open to anyone and everyone. You simply download the tactic, apply your changes and tweaks, perform tests, and when you think you have found something that will work, post your tactic, changes from the original version, results and overview. When i get round to testing the tactic of everyone that has decided to get involved, i will choose a winner! All they will get for now is "street rep" and my greatest appreciation, but if this thread evolves into something greater, maybe we can find a better way of rewarding people for their efforts.

    This thread will start with my tactical challenge, but if this works the way that i've imagined it, after this challenge is over, others may post their tactical challenges so that the fm-base users may try to solve them too! Obviously, we will only have one challenge at a time, otherwise it can become quite confusing. But lets see how we do with this one first!


    Classic 4231 by Veez
    FM 13 TACTICAL CHALLENGE THREAD - Who is the best Football Manager out there?-wolverhampton-wanderers_-tactics-team.png

    Objective: Create counter attack tactic to play in away games against stronger opponents to be used in tandem with original tactic.

    Comments: Very narrow and slow play, with very short passing - this is probably why it is not so effective in games against stronger opponents away from home.

    This is the thread with a more in depth explanation of the tactic and the idea behind it:

    Download Link: Classic 4231 by Veez.tac

    Good Luck!

  2. To be honest i dont think there is much point in tweaking tactics as u can play the same game as many times as u like and it will never be the same as another time u played the same match. I tried this whilst getting frustrated having a similar problem to yourself and ended up giving up on the game as luck is a big element of the game.
    Try this for yourself with your tactic u feel isnt working too well away from home and replay the game 5 or so times and u will see mixed results. Use the same team talk and ensure all press confrences match prep are the same and give this a go.
    I dont see how you can try to tweak tactics to try to get the best out of your team when each time u play a game with the same tactic it is different anway.

  3. dude its realistic. if you play the same football game 5 times in real life, it will never be the same either. be it with the same or a different tactic. the point of this thread isnt for everyone to try tweaks here and there. its for everyone who wants to, to give their views on how this tactic should play in the situation i defined, be it in this or another formation. every manager has different views and philosophies. mine arent working in this specific scenario, thats why i want input and ideas from other people with other views and philosophies, because they might have insight that i dont have or noticed specific flaws that i have overlooked. the idea of this project isnt for everyone to tweak a slider here and there. i want people to show me how they would do it. So that me , you and anyone else that reads this thread can try to learn from these diffeent approaches and build on their tactical knowledge and awareness of the game. this game is so complex that no one person in the world can dominate all aspects and styles of play. all of us have different things we can contribute with to the greater knowledge of the game. "two heads are better than one" - thats all i'm trying to do here, because unlike you, me and most people around here, haven't and will never give up on this game!

  4. I always have liked the Kimz formation so will give it a try.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Knap View Post
    I always have liked the Kimz formation so will give it a try.
    thanks mate! good luck!

  6. I look at a run of games, rather than base a tactic on one game.

    Uploaded with

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Knap View Post
    I look at a run of games, rather than base a tactic on one game.

    Uploaded with
    and thats exactly the way to do it. even good tactics need time to gel and even good tactics have bad games and loose matches. sometimes they even get lucky and win some too! thats football! the bottom line is: a good tactic will win you most your matches.

    Knap, with what tactic did you get these resuts?

  8. Knap have you checked out : My Huge Tactics Testing Project (FM 2013) ?

    your tactic is doing really well!!!

  9. The WHG tactic above which was set up with Man City.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Knap View Post
    The WHG tactic above which was set up with Man City.
    nice! its a 442 isnt it? 442 is too simple for me, although it is said to be the most effective formation in FM i know. but i like challenges always find myself trying to make tactics with 3 at the back or asymetric tactics and other tings like that. had some awesome ones last year, but never actually shared them. this year, its much harder to create something really good though

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