How crap are my fullbacks!

  1. How crap are my fullbacks!

    Hey everyone thanks for looking, first of all a bit of background.

    I play a 442/rigid/control with Liverpool and I'm in my second season. i have tried 4231, 4411, 4321 and 433 at certain points before settling on the 442.

    After a bit of experimenting in the first season i decided on a 442, and climbed up to finish in 5th. Second season playing well and sitting 4th (3points of second) after 12 games.

    I decide Johnson and Enrique didn't cut the mustard last season (average 6.8's), so decided to replace Enrique with Alaba and Johnson with clyne from Southampton.

    Problem is they are still getting really low ratings, and i am conceding most of my goals because one fullback gets skinned by a winger who then crosses to the back post, where my other fullback hasn't tracked the run.

    I have both full backs at automatic, only change is cross ball often and from byline. I have recently got my full backs to mark opposition tightly which has made a bit of difference but not enough.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Couple of points, have you got Wing back style players as fullbacks?You might want to change their roles depending on the opposition.

  3. I would advise playing more fluidly allowing players to make up their own minds a bit and therefore track back, come into the box etc.

  4. You could set OI too always close down and tight marking with hard tacking and show onto weaker foot for the left and right midfielder, also may want to use stay on feet with your fullback. I used this and helped alot in the last 5 games using this I've only conceded 2 goals and Glen and Enrique are getting 7.50 rating.

  5. Scruffy bear, i have already started doing all the things you said with the exception of stay on feet ill try that now, thanks for the help.
    Cai thanks for the help, but making the team more fluid meant we were conceding more goals in total than we are now.

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