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Starting a new game with Leicester City - Hints/Tips req'd

  1. Starting a new game with Leicester City - Hints/Tips req'd

    Hey all, ive read the "help thread" so hope I can get some help by being as expansive as I can be

    I have started a new game with my home team Leicester City who are in the NPower Championship

    I dont have a specific issue currently but I can see what will happen, my tactics always seem to be inconsistant and i can never know what to look at to counter opponents or exploit opponents. The tactic seems to work for a game and then I mess about with it and it goes wrong or I leave it as is and it goes wrong. Sometimes I create a tactic that works and the suddenly half way through the season ill collapse and not win for 10 games or so!

    This is my current tactic, etc please ignore the team as I have selected this team for a friendly whilst trying to rotate my team

    Starting a new game with Leicester City - Hints/Tips req'd-tactic.pngClick image for larger version

Name:	tactic.png
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    I have taken the advice of the new "shouts" thread and left everything as default and are changing things in game as I go along, I try and use the "wing play" shout when playing this formation, I use this tactic at home. When away I move the 2 wingers back and play them in a flat as either WM(S) or W(S).

    With regards to shouts I have a "hold on to ball shout" when trying to see out a game and a "all out attack" shout when needing a goal.

    What I can see from my first few friendlies (I have played Hinckley , York and Stade Malherbe Caen ) Although I have won all these 3 games 2-0 the opp seems to get a lot of possesion in between my MF and DF and although their shooting is terrible I can see when I come up against a decent team a lot of goals will come from this and crosses from out wide.

    As for everything else, I have my training set to General - Team Cohesion (VH) and Match - Tactics Only and I will change this game to game depending on the Opp.

    I have only made a couple of signings as I was short of MR, a LB and a GK

    Leicester are obviously one of the better teams in a difficult league, my expectations is to come top half and im forecast to come 7th but think with a decent tactical set up I can push for a play off spot.

    My question is, is there anything anyone can recommend to make my tactic tighter at the back whilst still keeping that attacking edge. Also is there anything else you would do prior to the season starting?

    Lastly how do you work team talks? ive always just clicked the assistant manager recommendation and then before game ive gone through each player and said either "I have faith" or "There a lot more to come from you"

    Also any other great tips would be helpful. Im not the best at creating tactics, I love a good 442 424 but I never seem to have the defensive cover for my DF even though my DF are supposed to be roundly good players

    Id love some replies and some help, I used to be a good FM player, in FM12 I made Leicester into premier league champions which I know on this game is gonna be very very hard but id like to have a game that im really enjoying and a game where I feel a sense of achievement, something where when we score a goal I jump off my sofa in delight (if u get me)

    If anyone wants to add me on steam its stevelcfc2009

    Many thanks

  2. Ive put my tactic up again as it didnt look very clear first time around! Also added a few more screens, one of them being my list of shouts that ive taken off the shouts thread and a couple of guides ive seen

    Starting a new game with Leicester City - Hints/Tips req'd-tactic.pngStarting a new game with Leicester City - Hints/Tips req'd-tactic2.pngStarting a new game with Leicester City - Hints/Tips req'd-shouts.png
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  3. Anybody fancy giving me their 10 pence worth? It took me a long while writing this up hoping that someone would give me some advice
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  4. First Team
    Hey mate you need to ask yourself few questions:

    1-What is your favorite formation?
    2-What style of football you would like that your team plays?
    3-Do you want to choose your tactic what fits to your current squad or no?

    When you have all questions answered then you can create your tactic or you can check and read some current topics.

    Looks like you like to play with wingers so there is plenty topics with that kind of formations.

    Leicester have squad for immediate promotion.

  5. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
    Manchester United Super Moderator
    Firstly i'd untick "focus passing down both flanks, as that affects the exploit the middle/look for overlap/exploit the flanks shouts.

    Secondly a 4-4-2/4-2-4 has no DM so there is always a bit of space, so you might want to try a stopper cover defender combo, and also use OI on the players getting into that space. But the best way is to have a 3rd tactics with a DM.

    Also in a 4-4-2, you ideally want your two players to still have good defensive skills

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