4-3-3 Win

  1. 4-3-3 Win

    Great tactic with success in different leagues:

    * Juventus
    * Fenerbahce
    * Watford

    Result with Juventus 4 seasons:
    4 time Serie A champions
    2 time Coppa Italia champions
    Fifa Club World Cup champions
    4 time SupperCoppa champions
    2013 Champions League champions
    2014 Champions League Runner Up

    Goal Diff..:
    440 goal scored
    160 goal against
    70 % win ratio


    GK: --

    WBL: Crossing, Marking, Acc, Stamina
    (Maybe convert a skilled player with those skills, i have Asamoah)

    WBR: Crossing, Marking, Acc, Stamina

    Centrebacks: Nothing special.

    MC: Advanced Playmaker:
    A very important position, should have good passing, crea, flair and so on.
    Paul Pogba scored 23 goals and dished out 17 assist in one season for me.

    MCR and MCL: Nothing special should be box 2 box players.

    AML / AMR: Crossing, Passing, Speed, Acc, Finishing

    AC: Finishing, Heading, Comp..

    The most important postions are: WBL WBR MC(AP) AC

    * Have centre backs with great heading, will score goals on corners.

    * Have a player who is great on corners/free kicks.

    * Team Cohersion and High on pre-season so the tactics can gel.

    * Match prep, mostly teamwork and mix it up sometimes.



  2. do you think it would work with arsenal or porto???

  3. I am not sure about Porto because i dont know the team well enough, but with Arsenal off the top of my head,

    I think Giroud fits well as the lone striker also Podolski/Walcott/Gervinho on the wings, Cazorla as the advanced playmaker would fit great i think.

    Maybe need to buy better wingbacks..

  4. ill give it a go mate do you no any good wingbacks?

  5. Off the top of my head:
    Asamoah from Juventus convert to left side
    Michel Bastos from Lyon

    Pick skilled players with great offensive skills.

  6. you are deep of man...and your tactic is perfect.. this is my first match...

  7. Do you use any OI or shouts?

  8. Really good tactic, Playing with super Leeds United currently in october. Ive played 3 games with this tactic and won 3 in 1 game got 8 ccc and my AP isnt that great. Superisingly solid in defense and the best counter attacking football ive seen in this game. I was going through a rough spell and this has brought me upto 3rd in league.

    Good Work

  9. First Team
    Again same thing mate this is not 4-3-3 you dont using 3 real strikers, not even inside forvards change title to 4-2-3-1.
    Last edited by vujevic; 09/12/2012 at 09:01 AM.

  10. My best result using this tactic, to date.

    4-3-3 Win-liverpool-7-2-fulham.jpg

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