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Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.
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  1. Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.


    The Formation.
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-overview.png

    It's a narrow 4-2-3-1.
    The three main targets of my tactic are, Possession, CCC's and Clean Sheets.

    Possession tactics are all well and good but if you aren't turning passes into goals, what's the point?
    With this, The 5 midfielders make the key passes to each other setting up an average of 2-3 goals a game.
    Watching the football played in the match, it's pretty realistic and scorelines never seem out of the ordinary, which i prefer.

    Team Instructions.
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-team.png

    All the players work together within the formation, controlling the ball, passing it around and playing high up the pitch keeping the opposition in their own half.

    The Player Roles.

    Goalkeeper :
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-player.png

    Wing Backs :
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-player.png

    Centre Backs :
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-player-2.png

    Centre Midfielders :
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-player-3.png

    Attacking Midfielder :
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-player-4.png

    Inside Forwards :
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-player-6.png

    Striker :
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-player-5.png

    Individual Training.
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-training-individual.png

    Wing Backs - Runs with ball down flank, Knocks ball past opponent, gets forward whenever possible, hugs touchline, shoots with power.

    Centre Backs - Marks opponent tightly, plays short simple passes.

    Centre Midfielders - Plays short simple passes, comes deep to get the ball, tried killer balls often.

    Attacking Midfielders - Places shots, Tries killer balls often, plays one-two's.

    Inside Forwards - Places shots, plays one-two's, moves into channels.

    Strikers - Places shots, plays short simple passes, tries first time shots, moves into channels.

    I rarely use them but i have made three which play a small part in difficult games.

    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-shouts.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-shouts-2.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-tactics-shouts-3.png

    1st. Time Waste - If it's in the last 15 minutes and your team is looking likely to concede, I'd use this.

    2nd. Gung-Ho
    - If your losing and can't see any way back into game i'd use this and see if it has any effect, be aware that it could do you more bad than good, only use it as a last resort.

    3rd. Rest
    - If your dominating a game and your players are a little tired, Use this a couple of times during the game to help restore the players fitness.

    Staff Responsibilities.
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-barcelona_-staff-responsibilities.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-barcelona_-staff-responsibilities-2.png

    My personal achievements.
    I started the season with Barcelona, currently 81 games unbeaten, winning every cup along the way currently quater way through 2nd season.

    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-barcelona_-history-records.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-game_-_barcelona__-hall-fame-nationality.png
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-liga-bbva_-overview-stages.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-danny-slater_-history-overview.png

    Player Performances.
    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-xavi_-history-career-stats.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-thiago_-history-career-stats.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-lionel-messi_-history-career-stats.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-david-villa_-history-career-stats.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-daniel-alves_-history-career-stats.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-cesc-f-bregas_-history-career-stats.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-andr-s-iniesta_-history-career-stats.png

    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-fixtures-schedule.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-fixtures-schedule-2.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-fixtures-schedule-3.pngAmazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny.-f.c.-barcelona_-fixtures-schedule-4.png

    Other Tips.
    Using a left footed player on the 'Right Inside Forward' role and vice-versa goes hand in hand with the tactic.
    Speedy Wing Backs are essential for this tactic.
    The 'Attacking Midfielder' role is basically the 'False no. 9' role, so a similar type of player to Messi would help.
    The 5 Midfielders do tend to have long shots, causing the Goalkeeper to parry it and usually there's a player ready to knock it in, so Long Shots would be a bonus attribute for your Midfielders.
    Wing Backs must have at least 14 Pace and Acceleration, anything and they may disrupt the tactical plan.

    I do have 2 other tactics similar to this one, but i hardly use them.
    If anybody has success with this tactic or simply wants to know about the other two then just leave a message.

    I think that's about it, if I've missed anything out let me know.

    Download & leave feedback.

    Amazing Consistency, By LFC-Danny. - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats

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  5. post some pictures dude..
    i would like to know if the tactic works not only with barcelona.
    when i tried to create a tactic with the same targets as you do i dont pick barcelona but, still i would like to see some resaults from a match or something..

  6. Could you try this tactic with a middle team? your screens dont give a good idea of what to expect as youre playing with barca.. but still good results

  7. tactic approved and link posted at the bottom of your thread

  8. Excellent presentation and I've been very impressed and I am going to try your tactic.Thanks..

  9. Says 'Your submission could not be processed because a security token was invalid.' when I click on the link

  10. If you get this results with another team, besides The Team, than the tactic could be good. Do you have some SS of this in another team?

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