i just don't get it!

  1. i just don't get it!

    i'm 3 games into my 3rd season, this would be my fourth, and it's at home against norwich. they've just been promoted, and haven't got a single point in those 3 games, whereas, i've got 4 (i've played chelsea away, everton at home and reading away) and my team's better at passing and all around. the media predict me to win, with the betting odds being evens, i play a 4-3-3 with a DM, to try and counter their 4-4-2 effectively. i lost 1-0 at home, and had 37% possession, with control on. they even got tettey sent off in the 38th minute, but their possession even increased, with them having 14 shots and i had 2. i played better against chelsea ffs. please, i need help? this happens all the time, but this was just ridiculous. any suggestions?

  2. Maybe try Attacking philosophy when big favourites, try to put them on the back foot and keep them there, I have found control philosophy hard to use this year, it doesn't make sense with the possesion stats especially against 10 men but you are not alone in having troubles on this years game

  3. Iv got a decent set up for Control but I had to set everyone to really short passing except my AMC it seems easier to keep the ball that way and then the two wide players can play mixed passes but thats about it...

    It must have been something in your instructions...

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