i Need a winning league 1 tatic (pompey) any help???

  1. i Need a winning league 1 tatic (pompey) any help???

    so ive tried downloading tactics that seem to work for prem side teams but i cant really find any for lower league sides.
    is there just a certain kind of philosophy to play in lower league or has noone taken the challange of been administrated side pompey yet lol

    anyhow gettin on to business, my first season i just avoided relegation by 4 points, the during pre season my eyes lit up as i saw some of the players appear on free transfer market, going mad i signed most of them lol
    tho my team is championship quality... maybe even relegation battle prem i still cant get a winning tactic

    Heres my team

    GK - Marek stech
    RB - Cummings
    CB - josh tompson
    CB - gypes or a youngster i signed who has prem star potential
    LB - lee naylor or patrick van holt
    RM - aaron mclean
    CM _ gary gardener
    CM - delap or ryan
    LW - mark Gonzalez
    ST - leon best
    ST - will keane

    I also have on subs bench
    Mikeal forsell (st)
    Zanetti (cm)
    ashley harris (arlm/st)
    ertl (drc)
    souza (st)
    buzaky (mcrl)
    blackman (gk)

    So as you can see ive done well to get some players in compared to what i had.... (like the likes of liam walker and higgins lol)

    Anybody got any ideas on what kind of formation, style of play etc.. i should use ?
    ill be thankful for any help i get and i wont criticize if it doesnt work (hell where not all jose mourinho lol)

  2. add me on steam, thiagobr04 ill try to help you out.

  3. its ok got it sorted now, made 3 signings... riera, charlie adam and taylor-fletcher since then i have played 5 games and won all 5
    cheers for the reply and the willingness to help tho if i have anymore trouble i will be sure to add you on steam and seek your assistance, cheers

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