Classic 4-4-2 Tactic

  1. Classic 4-4-2 Tactic

    Classic 4-4-2

    Tested with Hamburger SV.

    Got this tactic from a friend and it has worked well with my HSV squad, the tactic is pretty solid and manages to create great attacking play while still keeping solid at the back.

    Formation: Basic 4-4-2

    Team Instructions:

    Style: Balanced
    Strategy: Standard

    Passing Style: More Direct
    Creative Freedom: Default
    Closing Down: Press more
    Tackling: More Aggressive
    Marking: Zonal Marking
    Crossing: Default
    Roaming: Default

    Counter Attack: YES
    Playmaker: YES
    Target Man: none
    Everything else under "Specific Instructions" default.

    Player Roles:

    GK: Normal GK
    CB's: Central Defender-Defend (CD-D)
    DL and DR: Fullback-Automatic (FB-circle thing)
    ML and MR: Wide Midfielders-Attack (WM-A)
    RCM: Advanced Playmaker-Support (AP-S) or Deep-lying Playmaker-Support (DLP-S), depends on your players.
    LCM: Central Midfielder-Defend (CM-D)
    STR: Complete Forward-Attack (CF-A)
    STL: Poacher-Attack (P-A) or Advanced Forward-Attack (AF-A), depends on your players.

    Buying Players:

    GK: Solid GK (René Adler, Ron-Robert
    Zieler, Marc Andre ter Stegen)
    LB and RB: Good fullback that can attack just as well as he defends. (Aogo, Baines, Vrsaljko)
    CB's: Solid centre-back, good mental stats, tackling, marking, and decent pace. (Westermann*, Howedes, Kaboul)
    RCM: Playmaker, the creative engine of your team. (Badelj, Hernanes, Ruben Yttergard Jenssen)
    LCM: Your ball winner, defensive mentality. (Sandro, Kara, Bender brothers)
    LM and RM: Fast, good crossing. (Beister, Marcell Jansen)
    STR: The Complete Forward. Your support striker. (Necid, Morata, Ko
    STL: Good finishing, pace, mental stats. Your finisher. (Heung-Min Son, Ademilson, Nilmar)

    *He can play almost everywhere

    For more suggestions you can consult Raikan007's superb Player Recommendation List Thread.


    Team Cohesion-Very High on pre-season
    Ball Control-Average during season

    Pre-match Training:

    Att. Movement when at home vs SMALLER or SIMILAR LEVEL teams.

    Def. Set Pieces when at home vs BIGGER teams.

    Def. Positioning or Def. Set Pieces when away at SIMILAR or BIGGER teams. Depends on the team you're facing. (Stoke-style teams = Def. Set Pieces, Dortmund-style teams: Def. Positioning.)

    Att. Movement when away vs SMALLER teams.

    Other Info:

    Pitch: Standard Pitch.
    Opposition Instructions: ask coach with highest defense stats.
    Shouts: Didn't use any.
    Individual Instructions: None
    Set-pieces: I left them at default and scored a few corners but feel free to put your own set-pieces!



    This is a very simple tactic that you can create in less than 5 minutes, a download link is unnecessary in my opinion.

    Feedback would be much appreciated, I would also like to see your results using this tactic.

    Have fun!

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  2. Please link...for download

  3. Quote Originally Posted by micul_ View Post
    Please link...for download

    there is no link, he said:


    This is a very simple tactic that you can create in less than 5 minutes, a download link is unnecessary in my opinion.

    meaning he wants you to transfer these instructions into the TC and you will have "this" tactic..

  4. Results?

  5. Is this your actual team squad for Hamburg or suggestions of players? also what season are you in?

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