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The Switcheroo!

  1. The Switcheroo!

    First off all let me warn you. If you are here for a download tactic that you can plug and play, this is not the thread for you.

    I will explain to you my method to achieve great things. With this method in my first season at Borrusia M'Gladbach. (media expectation = 11th) I became third in the Bundesliga and survived the group stages of the Champions League. I also became runner up for the German cup. You can say I exceeded all expectations with no additional signings at all.

    Step 1:

    Look at your team, their strengths weaknesses and formations.
    Then decide your style of play. ( Passing style defense line etc.)

    Step 2:
    Create 3 different formations using this style of play. An attack minded formation, balanced one and defensive one.
    I used 4-2-3-1, 4-5-1 and 4-4-2

    Step 3:
    Now you have 3 tactics using the same style of play but different formations.
    What I did is cycle them, and use an attacking formation against weaker teams and defensive one against stronger teams.

    I advice you to make subtle changes to your style of play when necessary. But I almost didn't during the entire season. Also during a match you can change your formation at the hand of the game. If I see Bayern Munchen going on an all out attack when I'm 1-2 up and I was playing 4-5-1, i will change to my 4-4-2.

    I use control as my strategy in my style of play but this depends on you and your team. I also change this according to the match and opponent.

    As I said this is not a tactic this is a method/guide to make your very own effective tactics, wich I find gives me much more amusement then using a plug and play downloadable tactic.

    I hope this was usefull!
    Ciao e buon divertimento, FORZA ROMA!
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  2. You make those tactics using the TC? Do you tweak a lot the players instructions? I can make a team winning with counter-attack, but just can't make an attacki'n one/control. I tweak most of the instructions, based in my experience with previous FM's. But I see the less people tweak, the better tactic is.

  3. What do you mean with TC?

    About tweaking I don't tweak any of the player instructions. They should all be automatically be correct for the player roles your assigned them in your formation.
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  4. Tactic Creator
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  5. Ok, thanks.

    I will try that. I'm struggle with Liverpool. I will take your ideas into advice

  6. I use to do something similar myself but my balanced/control and defensive strategies were much stronger than the attacking one so I ditched it and just use two... the third ends up being an experimental version of my control strategy

  7. Thats nice, but can you explain better Step 1?
    Maybe give some example, that would be nice
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  8. In step 1, I will look at player stats and strenghts. Look what players can fulfill what roles the best and. For example if you play as Real Madrid it would be wise to exploit the winger strength with ronaldo and di maria as hanging winger. They will go inside and shoot at goal. Look at your strenghts and exploit them!

  9. And also at step 1 look at players stats and see if you should play direct or short passing. (passing stats), high or low defensive line (defensive stats) etc.

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