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Wingers or Inside Forwards?

  1. Wingers or Inside Forwards?

    Whats better to use with a 4-5-1, wingers or inside forwards? Im newcastle at the moment, obviously i have ben arfa but could easily sell him and use wingers with obertan and marveaux instead, or would it make sense to keep ben arfa and buy a right footed left winger also as an inside forward? need helllpp!

  2. I used Ben arfa as a winger attack and he still beasted

  3. or do i try ben arfa as a advanced playmaker on the wing?

  4. I use a 4-5-1 and i use wingers but i set their indiviual instructions to cut inside so its kind of the best of both worlds.

    On this version of the game, right footed players on the right can still be very effective as inside forwards cutting in. Same on the left with left footers

  5. I would say it depends on how you have your CM's set up. I like to have one of each, with an IF cutting in in front of a DLP. If you have an attacking CM then I tend to avoid an IF on his side, as they get in eachothers way.
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  6. I have a advanced playmaker on support and a box to box midfielder

  7. it all depends on your tactic, i would do winger if team inst. were set to attack from flanks, then deff winger and crossing to a target man, inside if you were using a mixed tactic, or through the middle.

  8. Well my contract asks me to play attack so I've gone attacking, and gone for inside forwards, need to change the width and focus passing though cause attacking football is wing play

  9. try one winger on one side and inside forward on other worked for me in the past

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