Help with my tactic please.

  1. Help with my tactic please.

    I am managing Arsenal. Just finished my first season.
    Towards the end of the season, I started using a 4-2-2-2 formation, with 2 wide AMs.

    Tactic : 89e12aaaa30874f7376a3dec18f1bfe5.png

    Team : f36e9d42aec76e6733fad66246341258.png

    I would say this is my strongest team : e58de2d5958ff4d20af58a89a3bb3e27.png

    Maybe Cazorla / Wilshere. GK is Szczesny.

    Results : 875256279a728980574b4b9184d87907.png

    I used this tactic ( made ) towards the end. Got some good results.

    How can I change to stop conceding to the better teams.


  2. Here are some of the games.

    Man City ( H ) - 1be16669d4ad7fc283a793f022d9d9e8.png
    Chelsea ( H ) - e86c26abc1b43ab059d45702fdb421a9.png
    Chelsea ( A ) - adaeda00d9033b1c1f088ab4c6b72567.png

    I was hammered by Chelsea away from home

  3. Too many set to attack, Im not a fan of using poachers certainly not two and your DF Line is too high...

    Attack may be the best defence but theres still a balance to be had and against good teams you have to attack 'smarter' since counter is so powerful this year... Id suggest playing with a normal DF line, 1 poacher and only set 3 players to attack against good sides... you could also try 4231 against good sides too...

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