The Modest Way 442

  1. The Modest Way 442

    Hello, This is my first tactic upload. I have played the game since the old Championship Manager days. I have not uploaded a tactic before as there have always been a wide range of class tactics to download from well known people from each community. This football manager though for me there has not been one stand out tactic. So I have decided to share my tactic and hopefully it will help some of you out like it has me.

    The Modest Way


    The potential of domination

    As you can see I have tested and created this during my Blackburn Save. I have not tested with a big club as yet but I will and I will post the results later.


    I do use shouts, Referring to Mr Hough postMr Hough's Shout Combo It's The Future Thread

    Play Like Barca - Play Out Of Defence - Push Higher Up - Pass to feet - Play Through Defence - Work Ball into Box - Retain Possession

    Park The Mini Bus - Drop Deeper - Stay On Feet - Play Narrow - Retain Possession - Stand off Opponents

    All Out Attack - Play Out Of Defence - Push Higher Up - Get Stuck In - Play Wider - play through defence - work ball into box - get ball forward - Hassle Opponents - Exploit the Flanks

    Feel free to use your own shout combinations, I personal prefer the Play like Barca shout and Is the shout I use more often. I have altered the individual sliders for each player so there is no need to use shouts if you prefer not to.

    The players

    GK: The best you can find!
    FB: Marking Tackling Pace Dribbling
    CB: Heading Marking Tacking Postion
    Wing: Pace Dribbling Crossing
    BBM: Passing Marking Tackling Creativity
    Poacher: Finishing Composure Pace Dribbling

  2. where is the download link?

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