I'm looking for help to create a great tactic

As stated in the title I am looking to make a tactic for lets say the West Hams and West Broms of this world. Personally I have a very good understanding of possession football and can emulate it well in game. But possession football isn't what I'm after here. I'm looking to make a tactic that uses the big robust typical English center forward to the best of his abilities.

Work Ethic

I have always wondered how to get your team to work hard for each other in this game. Usually because I play possession football I don't have to run around closing down to often. But how do you get your teams working hard like the Stokes, West Hams and Evertons?

Play Style

Now this is where it might get tricky. I want to play I direct style (Big Striker) while still playing decent football when I have the ball.

The Formation

With what I am trying to achieve with this tactic I would think either a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 would be best suited to the style of play I'm looking for.

Feel free to leave me some help!?