How to end 'those' losing streaks?

  1. How to end 'those' losing streaks?

    What have i done wrong? i was flying high with southampton in the 2nd season up until feb, and now im ten games without a win, havnt changed the tactics and im currently 4-0 down to QPR! I just dont know what i should do, and what tactic to use...
    Any help would be nice!

  2. Do you play full match to see were its going wrong?

  3. I think this is quite common now, as I've had the same, a good tactic beating Man U 4-1, Man City 4-0, Athletic Bilbao 4-1, then lose 1-0 to Wigan and Stoke.....nothing changed on my tactic. but then, football in real life can see these kind of form changes. BUT, as lanandanne said, watch your games closely and freeze frame goals to see if anything obvious is happening, it may be the formation you are playing against you need to tweak you tactic to combat.

  4. If you use the same tactic for 4 games in a row, you would expect for the 5th team to be prepared for your tactic, just like IRL!

    You need to change the tempos, passing, pressing, tackling, or having 2 tactics to switch between games and even during trhe same game!

    plug n' play is dead, forget it!

  5. Just had the same in my Newcastle save. Was sitting 2nd in the league on the first season, tied on points with Man United and a game in hand over Man City. Next I know, 5 games without a win. I couldn't buy a goal. Cisse and Ba were at the African Nations and Kozak was miles off form. Eventually switched to a more attacking style and I seem to have turned a corner. Watch your team, it helps.

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