Mid season slump - need urgent help!

  1. Mid season slump - need urgent help!

    I'm having the standard mid-season slump in my 2nd season with Everton.

    I'm guessing its to do with various reasons:
    injury crisis: 3 first team defenders with serious injuries
    fatigue: in europa league so lots playing two games every week
    maybe tactic getting old

    I can't afford to have this go on too long but I'm always really bad at turning these things around. I'm using 4-3-3 counter by Veez which has served me brilliantly so far - 100% win in europa league group stage as well as wins against the likes of man utd and arsenal in the league. My team were playing great football and banging in goals from all positions - but now its all dried up, I know its as much a confidence thing as a couple of losses and draws can ruin in.

    I really need some help with what to in terms of team talks, press conferences, individual chats etc. as well as suggestions with tactics as I want to sort it ASAP

  2. Team meetings help, tell them they can turn it around.

  3. Watch your matches and analyse whats going on make changes to counter the computer and try to win the game...

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