1. 3-1-2-3-1

    IRL we team play 3 in defense they use wing backs or right and left midfielders who will get back.
    What i want to know is will this work and if not how can it be improved so that it would work?


  2. they will cross on you all day, your asking them to exploit the ME. I hope your CBs are strong in the air

  3. crossing in this ME is hellva dangerous.

    You're doing to get mauled with a 3 man defence, even if you have midfielders coming back to help. Those midfielders are NOT defenders and those sneaky wingers will still put in those crosses.

  4. Its ambitious to say the least...

  5. Damn, i didnt think it would work.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by xMikeeeeeee View Post
    Damn, i didnt think it would work.
    It could work if you drop your inside forwards to MR and ML or even wingbacks. You just have to make some tweaks to make it work.

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