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[4-6-0] Won almost everything Athletic Bilbao
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  1. [4-6-0] Won almost everything Athletic Bilbao

    [Original post from ]Sports Interactive Community

    Hello everybody.
    [The first thing I want to say it's that I'm not guarantee you incredible results and I haven't test that tactic with another team.]

    So, I'm playing with Athletic Bilbao since 3 seasons (in game..) and I'm having some great results with a 4-6-0 so I wanted to share it with you.
    I won the Liga BBVA twice, won the Europa League, won the Champions League and actually leading the league and the CL's stage.
    With that tactic I saw beautiful play, short and fast passing, possesion. But sometimes not.. What I wanted to say is that sometimes you'll not have possesion and will concede stupid goals.

    OI: Close down and thight marking every player of the opposition.
    Shouts: see the picture below
    Against strong team ( for me it was Barcelona and Real Madrid ) : Play the original tactic until you score and then play with the "defensive" one. It just make the IF in Defensive Winger, the DLP become BWM with defend duty, put the AM on support duty and drop back the Wing back and put them defend duty. I have to admit that you may conceed goal but it'll be a Messi or Ronaldo goal. I mean run, dribbling all your defender and scores.
    Needed players:
    Gk: a good one..
    CD: Good and fast defender with a good passing
    WB: Good at defending and attacking!
    DM: It's better if it's a DC retrained at DM with a good passing
    DLP: Must be quite good in everything.
    AP: Good passing, dribbling. A classy one. It's one of the player with the 2 IF and the AMC who will scores.
    IF: Dribbling, finishing and passing.
    AMC: This is YOUR Messi. He must have very good stat in Dribbling, pace and must have good stat in finishing. The player instruction let him run run run and scores and that's you need when you can't score other way.
    Some pictures now.
    team instructions:
    actual fixtures:
    previous fixtures:

    current league:
    tactic against big team:

    Download links:
    Normal tactic 4-6-0 Athletic.tac
    Against big team: 4-6-0 Athletic big team.tac

    I'm actual testing some things, like playing a flat back 4. For teamtalks I use that one:

    Tactic used with the lastest patch, tested only with Bilbao, and yes you can retrain your striker to amc.

    Waiting for feedback! And Enjoy! (I'm french sorry if there's some english's mistakes.)
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  2. Looks like a very good tactic well done. There are a few English mistakes but don't worry everyone will understand what you have said. (Its History not Hystory, sorry that bugs me lol ;P)

  3. Huge huge fan of strikerless formations that can score.. will try it with my United team and let you know how it gets on!

  4. This tactic is for 13.2 patch?

  5. Seing that you use shouts despite them not effecting the team settings( width, d-line, tempo), it is to change the closing down and passing or do you untick your tweaked team settings before wanting to implement them ?

  6. Looks really good. Testing it with Barcelona now.

  7. This is a very good tactic for patch 13.2.1. The team controls the match very well and actually doesn't perform many long shots (only about 30% of total shots). Goals come from cross as well as through ball.
    This tactic is actually quite fit for Liverpool. Suarez is a monster in that Trequartista position (1 goal per match) as much as Sahin and Gerrard in the mid.
    I got a terrific run with this tac and i will post result when season end (currently chasing in-form beast Man City)

  8. Really really like the look of this, I dont have the quality yet to pull this off, and my squad is Striker heavy so would be a waste, but Ive downloaded it and will at some point find a way to use this.

  9. This tactic has great potential.
    Its doing very well with Chelsea in My Huge Tactics Testing Project (FM 2013)
    For a non-striker tactic, it scores lotsa goals.
    One of the best weird-looking tactic I have tested so far.
    Where's the creator by the way??

  10. Looks promising

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