4-2-3-1 Swansea HUGE scucess

  1. 4-2-3-1 Swansea HUGE scucess

    I started a save with Swansea and Iwant to tell you about how I did with the team from Wales, and thetactic I used. First of all I wanna apologize for my poor english, imunfortnunally from the Northpole.


    The first season with Swansea went justlike I belived. A respetable 12th place for a team with anew manager, young players and a new tactic is OK for my ambitions.

    Some of my playerstars for the firstseason:

    Wellingtom Nem: 33 games, 10 goals and11 assists.
    Ademilson: 15 games, 3 goals and 3assists.
    Michu: 31 games, 2 goals and 3 assists.
    Graham: 19 games, 7 goals and 1assists.

    I scored 45 goals and conceded 48goals, and 46 points after 38 games in the league. But my possesionwas always high, like 60-65%, but I dint create as many chances as Iwanted, and the defensiv aspect with the tactic wasnt good enougheither.

    I play with a 4-2-3-1 tactic. As yousee abowe I dint got the best out of Michu this season, and Iconceaded a lot of goals. I did some tweeks with the «Michu-role»and I changed my fullbacks to just have defensive focus, and notsupport or attack. I dint get the striker involved so much, since Iwanted to have a possesios orienteted tactic, so my striker was a«deeplying forward». I changed him to a poacher before the sesondseason. A combination of theese tweeks and that my young players hadbeen a lot better + some new signings, did me more competetive in thePremier League.


    A 3th place with 77 points, 66 goalsscored and just 36 goals conceded was a big improvement.

    Wellingtom Nem: 36 games, 3 goals and 9assists.
    Michu: 30 games, 6 goals and 11assists.
    Ademilson: 21 games, 13 goals and 6assists.
    Weiss: 27 games, 11 goals and 10assists.
    Sterling: 7 games, 4 goals and 2assists.


    4th place with 74 points, 82goals scored and 46 goals conceded. Lost the Champions Leaguesemi-finale against Man City, 4-5.

    Wellingtom Nem: 29 games, 8 goals and12 assists.
    Ademilson: 36 games, 29 goals and 6assists.
    Michu: 39 games, 17 goals and 11assists.
    Sterling: 34 games, 14 goals and 14assists.
    Weiss: 36 games, 12 goals and 12 goals.

    I think my tactic has been workingrelly well, and I can also mention that I could see a huge differentwhen I signed Ruddy. Has saved me a lot of times. Vorm isnt goodenough.

    Just ask for more information. Difficult to write a huge analyse of the tactic on english, so this was just a very short introduction to my Swansea team, and the tactic. Hope everyone who tries it have some sucsess
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    4-2-3-1 Swansea HUGE scucess-2012-12-23_00004.jpg   4-2-3-1 Swansea HUGE scucess-2012-12-23_00005.jpg   4-2-3-1 Swansea HUGE scucess-2012-12-23_00006.jpg  

    4-2-3-1 Swansea HUGE scucess-2012-12-23_00007.jpg  
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  2. Is this for 13.2 ?

  3. Yes it is Hope it works for u guys toooo!

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