How do your team concede goals?

  1. How do your team concede goals?

    Hi' guys.
    I have a god defence, but about 7 out of 10 goals i concede it is by Free kicks from around the touchlines, where the ball gets dropped into the box between keeper and defence, and almost every time my defence just stands still, while a unmarked player from opposite team, can score.

    Is there anyone who knows how to get the defence to go after the ball and try to clear it out of the box?

    Anyone who has any experience with this situation?

  2. Crosses.

  3. My fullbacks cannot defend like ever and they always got skinned by the opposition wingers. My goals conceded always comes from crosses or runs from the wing.

  4. Crosses and set pieces all the time. Haven't been able to get into a save since fm13 came out because of things like this. In my opinion its the least enjoyable game in the series.

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