Hi peeps,

I am playing Borussia Dortmund and we are number 1 in the league at the moment. But I seem to lose against the top teams in the league and I lose a lot in away games against midtable teams. Against lower teams seem to win by fairly big numbers. Maybe a better defensive tactic is the solution? Although I don't think dortmund has the defensive fullbacks to let them come. The tactics that I use are below. Note that Götze is injured for 3 months.
Borussia dortmund tactics?-borussia-dortmund_-tactics-team.pngBorussia dortmund tactics?-borussia-dortmund_-tactics-team-3.png
My results so far below:
Borussia dortmund tactics?-borussia-dortmund_-fixtures-schedule.png

I would be grateful for any advice and help.