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**Lower League Tactics Testing/Discussion**

  1. **Lower League Tactics Testing/Discussion**

    I for one can't stand starting a game as one of the top teams in the top divisions, it seems a bit less of a challenge. Say I went Arsenal, won the league/champions league in 3 seasons then I have reached my final goal for them. This is why I start as lower league teams.

    What tactics have worked for you guys and what teams have you used? Which players have worked best for you? Here are some of my reviews.

    JP's simple & solid 442 & counter version (13.1.3) :

    Started this tactic with Mansfield in the BSP, and I have to say this is one of the most effective tactics I have used in lower league. In the first season I managed to win the league with my poacher scoring 53 goals in the league in 45 games. The second season I also managed to win league 2 by around 15 points finishing on 97 points, the tactic was consistently performing well. The third season (current) I am really struggling but this is mainly because of me relying on young players, do you guys find younger players with better stats play worse than older players with worse stats? On paper my team has some of the best stats in league one but I sit in 21st position....

    Soukouna (free) first season - around 80 goals in 90 games (left me after I won league 2 wanted 15,000 a week)
    Bourabia (free) first season - fans player of the year 2 years running, great little midfielder, develops well
    Cesarini (free) first season - Develops well, but quite a slow centre back

    Will update later with my Fleetwood career issue being that I am in 2025 on that career and need to recall all the tactics I used.

    Any tactic makers wanting me to test theirs just inform me and I will give it a go.
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  2. I'm using a rigid 4-4-2. I started in the BSS and won in, next season won the BSP and now in league 2 I am sitting top. For my second season I was predicted mid-table and now, in my third season, I am predicted to finish last.

    More free signings

    Vincent Pericard - Was a bit of a goal machine for a season and a half but has stopped scoring.
    Samba Kanoute - The best lower-league CB. Is still serving me strong in league 2.
    Yann Nsaku - A bit younger than Kanoute but develops to be just as good.
    Salomon Olembe - Experienced player that can play anywhere on the left. Won player of the season twice for me before I let him go.
    Noel Makombo-Eboma - Not sure about the spelling. 16 year old that plays for alloa but is the perfect poacher.

  3. Well big update on my Mansfield game, I was 22nd after 21 games and then changed tactics, still a 4-4-2 just a different set up and I have finished the season in 5th.

    People want me to post it? I found it on the SI forum and works well, solid defensively, great counter tactic.

  4. Unbelievable scenes, won the playoff final. 3 seasons 3 promotions, can't actually believe it...... was 20th half way through the season and I managed to get promoted.

    Will post tactic at some point.

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