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Spin the Weel 4-5-1 (13.2)

  1. Spin the Weel 4-5-1 (13.2)

    Hello guys!

    I struggled for a long time trying to make Liverpool win the EPL. I knew I needed to have an awesome tactic to be able to do so, and I tested most of the most the "promising" tactics out there without any luck, so I started working on this. Now, after a lot of work, it's finally stable, and with this tactic you can win the EPL playing Liverpool the first season.

    After what I hear from others who have tested it, it works with most teams. It's a creativity-based 4-5-1, where you will see some beautiful football played, and it is actually very stable in the back too, because of the constant pressure on the opposition. If you play this with a top team you will probably not have any losses at all. If you play a mid-table team like Liverpool, you have a good chance of winning the EPL.

    It's a plug and play tactic, no modifications needed. If you are struggling to score at home (always wait until after half time), you can set it to "attacking", but I wouldn't advise this in away matches.

    Players: See the different roles

    Most important players: Advanced Playmaker (MC), Wingers and Poacher. It's very good if you have a poacher who is strong as well, as he will get a lot of crosses from the wingers. The advanced playmaker needs to have good creativity, decisions and passing, but I'm sure I don't have to tell you that

    Match prep: Attacking movement if you have a strong team, Defensive positioning if you have a weak team
    Training: Balanced
    Team Talk: Been using assistant manager to do that

    When game starts, use match prep: tactics only, together with team cohesion, 50/50 until your first league match. Then change to Balanced/Defensive Positioning/Attacking Movement.

    The tactic also works with Complete Forward instead of Poacher, but then you are much more reliable on the wingers and CM's finishing skills, and very few clubs have a good complete forward anyway (No, Suarez is not a good CF).

    The tactic works just as good in 13.2.1 btw.

    Good luck to anyone who tries it

    UPDATE: I HAVE NOW MADE A 4-2-3-1 version of the tactic as well, that seems to do even better in my games. I haven't tried it with weak teams, but it looks really promising. If you have a strong team, definitely use the new 4-2-3-1 tactic. After some feedback from testers, it seems the 4-5-1 version is better for weaker teams, and lower league teams.

    Download link for the 4-2-3-1 tactic:
    Spin the Wheel 4-2-3-1 (Godlike version)

    Mr. Langvatn
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  2. I will probably give this a try, but one question.

    Did you play the entire first season having the new patch installed?

    Can you post your W D L, Goals For and Against in this first season?


  3. what about match prep, shouts etc. ?

  4. Yeah, this tactic is tested only with the new patch (13.2).

    WDL: 26-7-5

    Goals for: 73
    Goals against: 33
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Kavver View Post
    what about match prep, shouts etc. ?
    Match Prep I've been using attacking movement at 60%, and balanced training. No shouts. At the start of the season, use match prep: tactics only on 100%, until the first league match, then u change to attacking movement and 60%.
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  6. I have been using this tactic for the past few days, It's very strong going forward i think, I made a slight change by taking long shots off every player that had it on,

    It's a preference for me but not essential if you have players with good longs shots in your side.

    Top work Ken and have a great christmas and new year my friend.

  7. and what you use abouth team talk?

  8. Hi Mr. Langvatn,

    I about to start playing liverpool as to share what players u use for each position? as well as the transfers made? the new patch have made no buyers for downing which is more realistic but bad lol!

  9. Get Wellington Nem. He has a clause for 3,5m pounds Use him on the left flank. It's important that you use "true" wingers, left footed wingers on the left side, and right footed wingers on the right side. Same with wingbacks. I can't tell you what players for each position, cause you are often rotating the squad, but Suarez is the key man up front, and Nuri Sahin is the best you can have for the Advanced Playmaker position, although Gerrard also works fine here. As CM's, your best players are Gerrard and Lucas Leiva, but Allen and Hendo also does fine here. Wingers you rotate, but Wellington Nem is fantastic on the left side, so play him as often as you can (if u buy him).

  10. Quote Originally Posted by petro1982 View Post
    and what you use abouth team talk?
    My focus has not been on that, so I just let my assistant manager take care of it.

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