My Tactic.

  1. My Tactic.

    It is a 4-1-2-2-1 / 4-3-3.

    This is my first attempt of making a successful tactic. Usually I get annoyed after 1 game and use 1 on here, but thought I would stick to it.

    The tactic : 35d18399e1730ce2c8a557625bf548c2.png
    Team : d994fae933342569b0c95d0bf63588c9.png

    My team are only just getting used to it : 0e9b970a5879101c2f1d458adcef0bd6.png
    I am in October 25th.

    I tried to aim for possession, while also making plenty of chances. I was using control up until the sunderland game where I switched it to attacking, and the results were pleasing.

    The results so far.

    The draw at West Ham and Bursasapor were down to my not having my first team players. Some injured and some I didn't play.

    Some stats of the games.
    9c344652200b1cb1c25a0518c8161717.png - I won 4-0 against Basel.
    7ae552179ae68af05edb8e36e31b8530.png - I won 5-0 against Sunderland. I changed tactic at HT.
    b7355e07237e5f8e682fc8944e0dc295.png - I drew 0-0 at Anfield.

    I use 2 shouts. 1 which is to keep the ball, take time and and just pass. The other is to attack, play quick football. Get the ball forward.
    I don't know if they actually work as I haven't tried using the tactic without them.

    I don't know how to upload the tactic, so if anyone can let me know.
    Also, if people want to download it, and change it a bit to make it more solid, that would be brilliant.
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  2. Edit post - Use the Advanced mode - Click Attache - upload the tactic and save

  3. Thank you. Uploaded it.

    If anyone can make the tactic better, it would be much appreciated.

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