What works when you play counter attack in 13.2.1

  1. What works when you play counter attack in 13.2.1

    Hey guys..

    I want my team to play counter attacking football as the main approach to every match, but i am missing a few things to make it work.

    The formation i play is a deep 4231, and i am thiniking of using 2 playmakers, DMCL (deeplying) and AMC (advanced), is it useful? or would it make to much trouble when trying to launch counter attacks?

    Also when putting the strategy on Counter, the passing style of the defenders and more defensive orientated players are set to be more direct, while the 4 attacking players are mixed and closer to be short, wouldnt it be better to set short passing on the defensive players except the DLP? to force them to pass to him so he can launch killer passes? I see that when playing an attacking strategy its the other way around (short passing defenders and direct passing attackers)

    Another question.. Is it worth leaving your striker and one of your wingers in a more offensive mentality so they are in a better position when gaining possesion of the ball? or would it lack to much defensively?

    Will it reduce the flow in the counter attack if i change creative freedom to more disciplined?

    Thats all for now

    Best Regards

  2. nothing?

  3. I generally change my passing style to direct and play with a quick tempo. drop your defensive line. also I find if you focus the passing down both flanks it helps exploit the opposition. use shouts drop deeper, pass into space, get ball forward and exploit flanks and look for overlap

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