Targeting Opponent's Weak Links

  1. Alienman
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    Targeting Opponent's Weak Links

    I have had success in matches where I have targeted a team's weak full back by focusing my passing to that side of the pitch. How would one target other positions like a weak center back or defensive midfielder? Would focusing your team's passing through the middle be a good approach?

    FM 13's dislike for plug and play tactics has meant I have gone back to actually managing matches which has created a stronger emotional connection to the match (greater excitement, greater frustration). I have been spending more time on my prematch preparation like studying my opposition for weaknesses so that I can exploit them.

  2. Much more fun this way right? You could try to go at a weak centerback by playing through balls or setting the striker as targetman and choose how to get the ball to him based on the defenders weakness (run onto ball if he is slow etc)

  3. you could use inside forwards to target weak centrebacks. That way you get more men in the middle

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