Blackburn 4-5-1 plenty of goals scored but conceding too much!

  1. Blackburn 4-5-1 plenty of goals scored but conceding too much!

    Hey guys,

    Currently sitting in 6th place with Blackburn after 8 games.....15 goals for and 12 against. Still not fluent in the familiarity of the tactic as I followed some advice online which said have players train exclusively on tactics for general training with tactic as the focus for match prep....

    The result of this was that I started the season with a tactic that wasn't fully familiarised.

    Even still though, my team is conceding way too many goals and I just wanted some help in pinpointing the leaks. I am playing a high defensive line and high pressing game, certainly the line may be the issue but I don't know.

    I've tried searching through the goals report and the most goals being conceded are from the flanks. I have mixed as my passing focus and have only used through the middle when I've had players sent off and taken off one of my inside forwards. This worked wonders and resulted in superb comeback so I'm inclined to try throught the middle to see if that improves my fortunes...

    The main issue though is defence. I'll take a load of screen shots to try and give a better idea of what my setup is:

    Blackburn 4-5-1 plenty of goals scored but conceding too much!-blackburn-tactic.jpgBlackburn 4-5-1 plenty of goals scored but conceding too much!-goal-analysis-1.jpgBlackburn 4-5-1 plenty of goals scored but conceding too much!-goal-analysis-2.jpgBlackburn 4-5-1 plenty of goals scored but conceding too much!-goal-analysis-3.jpgBlackburn 4-5-1 plenty of goals scored but conceding too much!-full-squad.jpg

    The average ratings for my centre backs are good and my full backs seem to be doing fine. The stats above tell a different story. I currently have defend set pieces as the match training but I will now switch that to def positioning in order to try and help my conceding rate. I've currently got ball control for general training as it is a possession tactic.

    As you can see, I've also listed my squad in case somebody can spot a glaring error on my part of who I'm playing that I shouldn't.

    If anyone can help me I would be most appreciative!

    The team has on occasion been fantastic. Sometimes they rip a team to shreds. Other times as you can see, we may score goals but we have thrown matches away by conceding too much.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

  2. Play a CDM maybe?

  3. DMC I presume you mean....ideally I'd like to keep what I've got as changing the formation will muck up my familiarity levels.....anyone got any further solutions?

  4. Yh that's what I mean and alright it would muck up your familiarity levels. Maybe your wingers are to attack minded and they don't help out the defence as much in the IF role, also it is quite puzzling how your defence is all rated 7 or above having conceded 12

  5. I just drew 4-4 with Birmingham....I have the same formation as an additional tactic set to counter but I have tweaked that into a fluid control formation and may try moving the defensive line back a few notches....

  6. I don't know tbh I'm having the same problem with Walsall but they are predicted to come 23rd and I'm currently 9th even though I've conceded 41 in 26 games. I have tried what I suggested though on fm12 and it worked with Chesterfield

  7. Switched to a 4312 and the early signs are positive. Also playing more direct and changed style to rigid and control. Hopefully I'll see an upturn in form.

  8. Nice, good luck to you, this game is definitely harder than the previous versions

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