Wonderful 4-5-1
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  1. Wonderful 4-5-1

    Hello, this is my second attempt at a tactic. My first wasn't very good

    This tactic was made to have plenty of chances, many CCC and trying not to concede.

    Wonderful 4-5-1-away.pngWonderful 4-5-1-home-tactic.png

    After having a very good start with Arsenal, I wanted to make a different tactic for away games / CL games and very hard games. The first tactic I made was very similar to my home tactic, but with a few changes. ( Away is the left / Home is right )

    My first game was Away to Galatasaray. At HT, I had 4 shots and was 2-0 down. I changed to my home tactic and at FT, I had won 4-2.
    Then the real test came, Away to Chelsea. Away to Liverpool. Home to Malaga. Home to Man UTD.
    I saved it so I can load it up and make a good away tactic for the Chelsea game and after winning, I kept it and used it for the others.

    Results so far
    Wonderful 4-5-1-results-b.pngWonderful 4-5-1-results.pngWonderful 4-5-1-table.png

    As you can see, I haven't lost a game, and drew with United. Although I conceded 3 goals to both Liverpool and Chelsea, I was very pleased that I managed to score more away from home.

    Match Stats
    Wonderful 4-5-1-chelsea.pngWonderful 4-5-1-gala.pngWonderful 4-5-1-lpool.pngWonderful 4-5-1-malaga.pngWonderful 4-5-1-sunderland.pngWonderful 4-5-1-united.pngWonderful 4-5-1-zenit.png
    I was losing 2-0 to United in 7 minutes, and then changed tactic and managed to dominate them, but didn't get the win, when I really should have. Both Liverpool and Chelsea I made chances which got me goals. Against Malaga, well they got hammered lol. Against Zenit, I won 2-0. They may have had more shots, but I made chances which got my goals again.

    With both tactics, I switch between Control and Counter. Based upon what is happening in the game. I rarely switch to Attacking and sometimes I have it on Defending for both. But maybe in the last 10 mins if there is only 1 goal in it.

    The transfers I made and my team ratings to far.
    Wonderful 4-5-1-stats-1.pngWonderful 4-5-1-stats-2.pngWonderful 4-5-1-transfers.png

    Download link below.
    Attached Files
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  2. If people give it a go, and can help make it even better, that would be appreciated.

  3. Could u post ur arsenal team screenshot?

  4. These were the transfers I made : a7b35fb53032904a22b7a69970d8df64.png
    This is the Average ratings : 5ca92dfa44657775c2f8f8ae1ce39519.png + 0fb303eeb730116e762ffe6466fcf38c.png

    With the Away tactic, I use a CB as the A in the 2 DM spots

  5. Where do you use likes of Wilshere and Cazorla? Which CM spots

  6. Oh sorry. Wilshere has just got back from Injury, but I will be playing him RCM. More of an attacking role.
    I have been playing Cazorla LAM but he hasn't done very much, so sometimes I play him RCM with Walcott LAM.

    This is my best line up for each formation.
    Home : 95c24057d50b42dd8692c209c1eb979d.png
    Away : e306ced397c31d7889529420f2923c32.png

    I switch it around though, sometimes I play Walcott ST with Giroud benched, or Walcott LAM with Wilshere + Cazorla CM's or Cazorla in the bench ect.

    What I would say is find which of your players play best at the positions and stick with them.

  7. Ill give it a go with Arsenal, see if I can replicate the results

    EDIT: have you tried changing one of the CMs into something like BWM or BBM and DLP?

  8. Good luck pal. I hope it works for you. I hope it wasn't just a fluke with me lol

  9. No. Just had them as CM's as they have a free flow.

  10. I just played Zenit away from home.


    The result : I won 2-0, and should have had a 3rd. They only had 1 good chance which hit the bar in the 89th minute.

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