Pass and move the Liverpool way 5-3-2 Need testers
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  1. Pass and move the Liverpool way 5-3-2 Need testers

    5-3-2 Pass and move tactic!

    The purpose of this tactic is for fast pass and move attacking football.

    The positions :

    GK (Sweeper Keeper) : Be confident with the ball at his feet, great contribution

    CB (Ball playing) : Confident on the ball , composed with good technical ability, with the aim to play from the back

    CB (Central defender) : Must have the composure and technical ability to play simple passes whilst under pressure, however have a no nonsense attitude when defending in sticky situations.

    WB (Wing-backs) : Hug the touchline and to get the ball into the oppositions box as much as possible, with the ability to defend when necessary

    DM (Defensive Midfielder) : No nonsense style, Relied on to break up all opposition attacks whilst laying off simple passes to advancing players

    DLP ( Deep lying playmaker) : Operates between the defence and midfield, is expected to spread the play to more advancing players

    AP (Advanced playmaker) : Makes himself available at all times with the ability to turn defence into attack within an instance

    IF (Inside Forwards) : They'll be expected to interchange within a front 3 whilst in possession, Whilst out of possession they'll be expected to track back and cover for the WB's if necessary

    TR (Trequartista) : Will be expected to chase down possession whenever the ball is in the oppositions final third, his sole role is to link up the midfield with the attack scoring and creating opportunity's for others

    As stated in the title this tactic is currently in BETA and needs testing.

    I've experienced some good results and football with this possession thus far, however there is a few things that need tweaking :
    • More penetration
    • Better passing within the final third
    • Inside Forwards need to be tweaked

      • If you guy's find any errors (faults with this tactic please do not hesitate to let me know.

        Match shoutouts :

        Pass into space
        Work ball into box
        Play through defence
        Look for overlap
        Hassle opponents
        Play out of defence

          • Please keep me informed of all progress & results

            Thank you
            DOWNLOAD BELOW


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  5. Willing to give anything a try when it comes to Liverpool. On this.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jeid View Post
    Willing to give anything a try when it comes to Liverpool. On this.
    Yeh the budget sucks and it doesn't help when the majority of the squad needs revamping , keep me updated.

  7. I've set a high budget to see if the tactic works with the right players.

    Have you worked on the set pieces at all? I'm just playing my first pre-season friendly (4-1 at half time) and the goal I conceded was from a free kick. Had none of my players in the box. Will look at it after the game.

  8. Yeh I edited set pieces.

  9. bump

  10. I will give it a go, Il post a few screenshots soon

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