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Doing really poorly
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  1. Doing really poorly

    So I thought I would make myself a wonderkid team on FM and try to get as far as I can with them, and I'm in the championship at the minute and I'm getting absolutely smashed every game (well some games I dominate but I cannot find the back of the net) and I've used the tactics which I used the last two seasons (in which I walked the leagues)

    Here is my team and squad and tactics

    Doing really poorly-help.png

    Any help at all?

  2. So here is the table at the start of december, I really don't know how to improve the team.

    Doing really poorly-brad1.png

  3. Mmm well firstly I don't believe Niang is anyway near intelligent to be an Advanced Forward. He's a poacher only. Fierro probably has a better chance as an Advanced Forward.

    Have you done any post-match analysis to see if you're getting shots on target and where the shots are coming from?

    Sometimes you get a lot of passing without any actual penetration. How are you playing tactics wise?

  4. HOw many of those players have you brought in for this season ?

  5. Well I built the team myself from the Editor (call it cheating whatever) but I brought in Fierro, Henley, Davis and Petrucci in and thats it.

    Tactics are Very Fluid, Standard, short passing, expressive freedom, press more closing, default tackling, zonal marking, drill crosses, more roaming. push up defensive line,

  6. Well, looking at your Central Defenisve players, I would say that you are far too weak. The MC and the stopper are just not up for it. I would probably try to grind out this season by playing more cynical and retreat to a formation less attacking. Its just not balanced enough to compete against team equal to you, with players in advanced positions being better than your Central line.

  7. so what should i do in game? play deeper or what?

  8. Also remember that when getting poor results, you might loose the dressing room. Try to hold a team meeting and be really supportive, getting their confidence up. Even if getting some draws, be positive and show faith.

  9. I'm starting to get some wins now, would you suggest any players in the January transfer window?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by xelliotx View Post
    so what should i do in game? play deeper or what?
    Well, you are basiclly trying to control the game by dominating every bit of the field and whilst you have rather good advanced players, they either suck at defending and/or are gven too attacking roles. Whilst this might work against inferior opponents, its not a good choice when facing equal teams that actuially try to attack you using a balanced approach.

    I would probably take a steo back and re-think the while situation. Insetad of telling you what to do, I want you to come up with some answers your self.

    How would a team of your calibre play in real life ? Is it important to have both attackingm, supporting and defensive players in midfield or should they all focus on one thing ( attack, deffence etc ?) Perhaps on the counter instead, trying to draw the opponents on to you before launching quick attacks ( not tempo, attacks on the break are always quick)

    ( Will move this to the tactic section)

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