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Miracle 433, Used this for 5 Years, Won at least 2 Trophies every season, Pics
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  1. Miracle 433, Used this for 5 Years, Won at least 2 Trophies every season, Pics

    Iv'e been playing Football Manager religiously ever since the Champ Manager days in the 90's and have probably racked up a year of playing time easily! I am not going to feed you aload of bullshit just use the tactic, over 5 years i am 3rd in the all time hall of fame, have a win percentage of 77% (P332 W 258 D 36 Lost 38) Goals for 896 Against 273 (+623).

    I have won the league on 4 out of 5 seasons, the only season i came second was on goal difference and this was because i tinkered with my tactic a little and it turned out for the worst so i reverted back. that is why the tactical consistency bar isnt 100%. i have also won the Champions League 3 times in a row, Once beaten in the final, other the Semis.

    Spent 348m Recouped £165, I try to add a Key Player each year, someone who really makes the difference in Key areas.

    The only thing i will say about this tactic is the wingbacks must have good dribbling skills as they carry the ball quite often, also the inside forwards to need to have good both feet or the opposite of the flank they are on as they come inside to create space for the full backs. I use no shouts whatsoever, i find them to be an annoying part of the game and the stats prove i dont need them anyway.

    Training i keep on defense always, pre season i have it set to very high, when the season starts drop it to high.

    The tactic works the proof is in the stats, stick with it, remember it's football and ultimately the players win you a game not the tactics, otherwise it would be the managers that were the stars not the footballers!!! :-)

    Good Luck


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  2. No download link?

  3. sorry thought i put it in one sec ill up it

  4. Thanks, will it work with a lower league team?

  5. can only try mate

  6. You should post some SS of the season, fixtures, league table, some big matches

  7. Everything you need to know is in the top screen, whats it matter what happened during one game or one season, the stats tell the tale of 5 years not one game/season, all though i will do as you have asked at the end of my current season :-)
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  8. Ill give this a go with Arsenal. Should I play Cazorla out wide and Arteta on the left of Wilshere?

  9. I'll give it a go with Crawley.

  10. yes both cms are attacking but even though wilshire is left footed he's better in the advanced roll

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