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A mix of total football and tiki taka.
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  1. A mix of total football and tiki taka.

    I've recently started playing again and the 13.2.1 ME update seems to be so much better then the previous updates, so am going to start putting in the time/effort to create a possession/retention tactic, fine tuned with successful penetration.

    I'll be needing a handful of people who are willing to plug and play with the tactics and to update me with the cons/pros of the tactic, if your able to do this please leave a message below.

    I'll keep this thread updated with a tactic once am satisfied with testing.

    Thank you.

    What are the aims of this tactic?

    To play fast attractive attacking football, the kind of football that is fantasised about.

    The philosophy and formation :

    The pitch will be split into 7 zones :

    The goalkeeper is seen as the sweeper and has a set of similar roles (in possession) to zones 2 and 3. The 'keeper is expected to act as a pressure relief for under pressure teammates;

    Zone 2 consists of two centre-backs who, unlike in other formations, are expected to play a huge role in keeping possession. They also act as pressure relief to the midfield and an obvious option for the goalkeeper to play the ball out to. Instead of passing the ball 30, 40 or even 50 yards the majority of their passes will be kept under 10 yards;

    Zone 3 has arguably the most important role to play in keeping possession. This player must be particularly good at keeping possession under pressure from opponents and will often see their passes also being played short for the duration of the game. Leon Britton, Pirlo and Xavi are examples of players who act as the deep lying play makers, the water carriers, the short playing quarterback or the 'volante de salida' which simply translates in football terms as the outlet for under-pressure teammates.

    Zone 4 are expected to act as support to players in possession and are too expected to look to work themselves into the triangular connections made with teammates. They are expected to get forward as play moves up the pitch and follow the ball back when play dictates so. Zone 4 will opt to cross the ball from the opponents' byline rather than from deep, in keeping with the 1950s optimum assist zone in zone G;

    Zone 5 have the role of consistently finding space acting as the final piece in the triangular connection between teammates. These two centre midfielders, like the player in zone 3, must have high standards of passing ability and awareness to keep possession but must also have high levels of stamina to work as box-to-box midfielders. They do not necessarily look to create the spectacular, but are the catalyst in the change of speed in which the possession play is being played at, the moments of which they choose to change speed and direction of the ball are key to the succession in creating opportunities to create an assist or goal. Both zones 3 and 5 will be expected to boast 90 per cent pass completion rates in order for the system to work successfully;

    Zone 6 will consist of arguably the most creative players on the ball either in the sense of dribbling ability or of passing ability to create. Messi, Scott Sinclair, Nathan Dyer, Pedro, Afellay, Cuenca et al are examples of players who play in this system and portray the qualities expected. This zone will also be responsible for much of the goalscoring as well as the assisting of goals;

    Zone 7 needs a player who is good technically and can hold the ball very well as well as link up the play. The difference here to the traditional long ball target man is that the lay off will usually be followed with this player spinning away to find space and having full awareness of where space is around him in all areas of the field, the 360 degrees of vision with and without the ball;

    Zone G is the zone to which optimum chance creation occurs. However, the difference in this system is not that of desperation to play the ball as you get into this zone, but to see if the opportunity is indeed available. If not, then the only viable option is to turn and play the ball back which then may well get played all the way across to the other side of zone G, or even back to the same side if the opponents' defensive positioning has changed. Patience is the key here and the general rule that one goal is scored to every nine shots will alter due to the quality of opportunity created being significantly better;
    Lastly, it is important to remember that 'the whole is greater than the sum of its components' and the entire team, despite set into separate divisions of the field, is expected to work together; to move up together and backwards together.

    This is going to take a lot of time and effort to perfect, I'll be needing a number of people to help trial and error the tactic.

    If anybody has any opinion whether it's criticism or praise shoot ahead.
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  2. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
    Manchester United Super Moderator
    I've read the article that this is based on, excellent stuff.

    two things here:

    1) The WB should be given WB roles, but in the full back position

    2) You ideally should not use a mentality higher than control.
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  3. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
    Manchester United Super Moderator
    I'd also argue that the FC is a DLF more than a pure Targetman
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  4. Do you have any SS from any game that you did, or it is just on paper?
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Mike. View Post
    I've read the article that this is based on, excellent stuff.

    two things here:

    1) The WB should be given WB roles, but in the full back position

    2) You ideally should not use a mentality higher than control.
    I tend to play attacking at home when am the favourite, if not I do tend to set it to control, also I set it to counter/control on most away games depending on how the games panning out.

  6. Mike.'s Avatar Mike.
    Manchester United Super Moderator
    Quote Originally Posted by tomfmlfc View Post
    I tend to play attacking at home when am the favourite, if not I do tend to set it to control, also I set it to counter/control on most away games depending on how the games panning out.
    Attacking plays at a tempo that makes possession almost secondary. Which would be in contrast to what you are trying to achieve through the 7 zones.
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  7. looks very interesting. i'll be watching and try help if i can!

  8. Test and trial please.

    Am now releasing the tactic for beta it will be hugely appreciated if you could post screenshots, cons and pros of the tactic.

    If you happen to change any settings etcetera in the tactic and find it was a beneficial move please tell us and explain why it's panned out a positive change.

    During Pre-season I set the training schedule to 1 week tactics - second week Team cohesion and repeat

    During season I have it set to balanced, with match days set to tactics

    Shout outs :
    • Pass to feet
    • Play out from defence
    • Play through defence
    • Work ball into box
    • Look for overlap
    • Hassle opponents
    • Push higher up (optional)
    Please do not hesitate to give feedback. DOWNLOAD BELOW

    Total football_Tiki Taka.tac
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  9. Done a quick skip season on classic mode whilst at the gym just for a quick sim test, didn't make any signings etcetera.

    Some bad results but some absolutely spectacular results, please post your screenshots/feedback. Thanks.

  10. Used one game away against Arsenal, won 1-2, Neymar scored both.

    Had to shout hassle opponents, keep the ball, agressive tackle and close down to keep the result.

    It works, but i struglle a little bit on the defense. I will do more games and see how the players work

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