hello i have started a save with Chelsea. my tactic is 4-1-3-2. i am using the classic mode. but i have some problems:

1. my defenders hardly tackle the opposition players. mostly they contain them & then try last ditch tackle which either results in a poor tackle or foul or failed attempt. i tried tweaking with defensive line, tackling, marking but to no avail.

2. another issue is with my wingers. they are instructed to cross the ball to the center/target man but what they mostly do is collect the ball from the center, drift inwards & run towards the box to take a shot. at times they do score but mostly they result in wasted attempts. also my strikers remain stagnant/unused in the box.

3. when the opposition crosses from either side of the d-box my defenders can never win a ball. they just stand there & on the other side the opposition receives & scores.

4. my full-backs are instructed to not go forward yet they make runs leaving my back exposed most of the times during opposition counters.

while i am scoring a good amount but mostly i am conceding a lot.

please help.

My often used starting XI:
Azpilicueta Luiz Terry Cole
Ramires Mata Hazard
Torres/Remy/Lukaku (any 2, not fixed here)