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  1. 442:Lord

    4-4-2: Lord
    by Lordofavp

    To download this tactic please click HERE

    I am currently testing this on two teams; Arsenal (Strong Team) & Watford (Weak Team).
    I've noticed that people are more interested in seeing tactics work with weaker teams therefore I've tested it out on a strong and weak team so people can make their own comparisons.
    *With the Arsenal side I have made transfers with this team as this is my actual game save and with the Watford side I have tested this tactic with their default squad.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	442lord.jpg
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    As you can tell by looking at this formation I am using a very attacking approach as I only have two players within the team actually defending. However, after a while you will see that this tactic does defend just as good as it attacks.

    My Arsenal Side: (1st Season)
    Current Results:
    As you can that I have been tweaking the tactic time to time as you can notice that after a bad game (where we concede a few) we do really well on our next match. This is due to a few tweaks that I believed to have helped this tactic perform better on a consistent basis.

    League and Cup Standings:
    Premier League:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	prem.jpg
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    My team is currently undefeated in the league; some of that was down to luck. My top goalscorer in my team is Oliver Giroud whom has scored 30 goals and assisted 12 within 37 games in all competitions.

    Capital One Cup:
    Here you can see my side demolish Spurs in the cup final with ease.

    Champions League:

    My Current Squad & Transfers:
    Before anyone accuses me of cheating please let me tell you how I managed to sign these players. Arsenal already start of with 30mill and in January you get to amend your league expectations where you are provided with an extra 30mill. Plus the players sold to various teams I have had £107.5mill to spend so far.

    In order to attain these talented players all you have to do is keep complementing them to the press and after a week or two they will be unhappy at their current team and would hand in a transfer request. Once they are on the transfer market don't make a bid for them straight away as their club would have put a huge asking price. The way to not pay that much is to wait till the windows comes near to an end as then you will notice the club have reduced their asking price by quite alot as they will be looking to offload the players ASAP.

    When you are making an offer for a player NEVER offer the full amount in cash as then you wont have much funds to spend on other players. For example, Ath. Madrid had dropped their asking price for Falcao from £42.5mill to £27mill on the last day of the transfer window. My offer was £10mill up-front cash, £15mill paid over the space of 48 months & I will give them £5mill after Falcao has player 30 league games. Always ensure that you have more transfer funds than the overall transfer offer because if you dont you will have to keep delaying the transfer whereas if you already have £35mill available for transfers and the overall transfer comes up to£30mill only then will the transfer go through, plus only £10mill would have been reduced from your transfer budget as that was all you offered up-front. I use this technique all the time to get very good players for my sides.

    I encourage everyone to try this technique and then you will realise I have not cheated but in-fact found a new method of securing players whom you would have initially never been able to get. Remember you can only praise players via press on the full version of this game as its not available for the Classic FM Career.

    My Watford Side: (Media Prediction is 19th in League)
    (I am using the default squad and playing on the Classic Version so I can quick-match the games)


    Game Stats:

    Premier League:

    I will try and continue providing updates to these two teams as often as I can as users may be interested on how it performs on the long term.

    I hope everyone enjoys this tactic and has fun using it.
    Do not expect that by using this tactic that it will be successful for everyone as FM 13 is very unpredicatable.

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  2. Good work =)

  3. Thanks

  4. I can have the tactics by e-mail? =)
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  5. I am very impatient =)

  6. sry is possible give me the tactic?

  7. is this better than your fullattack tactic?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by 1shotlifestops View Post
    is this better than your fullattack tactic?
    Cant really answer that questions as everyone will get varied results.
    -For me this tactic was far more superior in attack than fullonattack but does have the tendency to concede more than the other tactic.

    My fullonattack tactic was originally created for the old patch whereas this tactic has been made for this current patch.

  9. do you use shouts?

  10. I use no shouts, i let asst. manager do training and do all of the team talks ....i use the default pitch size....

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