Hi there everyone,
I have been really busy lately and did not have any time to play FM 2013 but I had plenty of free time lately and decided to give you guys a New Years gift.
This tactic is made only for home games ( it's not bad at away games but eh... ) but I can almost guarantee you that you will never lose at home games once the tactic is gelled.
( even before it's not fully gelled yet)

Team Talks/Opposition Instructions:For TT and OI, find an assistant manager with a high Tactical knowledge and motivating, let him handle it.
I usually search for +15 for both Tactical Knowledge and Motivating.
Create new shouts and add all of the ones I listed below and use it every game before the game starts.

1.Hassle Opp. 2. Get Stuck In. 3.Exploit the mid. 4.Pass into space. 5 Look for overlap.

Pitch size = Smallest

GK: Aerial Ability- Jumping-Reflexes- One and ones -Handling- Positioning -Command Of Area
DR/DL: Marking - Tackling - Stamina - Positioning
DCs: Jumping, Strength - Tacking -Marking -Heading - Positioning
LCM: Passing - Technique - Stamina - Dribbling - Acceleration -
RCM: RCM is your play maker, so you probably know what a play maker needs.
AML/AMR: Dribbling -Finishing - Pace- Technique -Passing
AMC: Dribbling -Finishing- Pace- Passing
Striker: Pace-Finishing-Dribbling - Acceleration - Off the ball

Download link

Feel free to ask if you have any questions and enjoy it.
Have a good day.

PS. I am the original poster of this in the Sigames forums too.