Spankys 5-2-1-2 v13.2.1

  1. spanky123

    Spankys 5-2-1-2 v13.2.1

    Spankys 5-2-1-2 v13.2.1

    Created this tactic a while ago with alot of sucess with it until latest patch stopped it from working! have now got it flowing again defensively and attacking wise!

    would post screens shots or add a link to the tactic but im a dumb ass and cant seem to add screenshots just finished nights and cant be bothered now but will try later!

    My tactic is already uploaded and updated on 4th page spankys 5212 v13.2.1

    give it a try you wont be dissapointed i hope any negative or positive feedback welcome
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  2. Can't find your thread. Please put a link... Thank you

  3. spanky123

  4. Finally an axial tactc =) i'll test it, thanks !

  5. spanky123
    Quote Originally Posted by PikaBen View Post
    Finally an axial tactc =) i'll test it, thanks !
    Let me know how it goes

  6. I didn't use shout and i put a DMC instead on one DC and its goes good for the moment

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