after saying i wouldnt buy this seasons edition i finally gave in and purchased it. half way through my 1st season i was struggling. could still win games but not dominate. i was always conceding silly amounts of goals i.e winning 3-0 then end up drawing 3-3 and similar from game number 1. i tried numerous downloaded tactics but the the same thing happened. so i decided to played around with different formations etc

i settled on the one above. with the hope that the 3 central defenders would stop any opposition attack with the added stability of the DLP. the 2 wing backs would supply the width. the cml cmr would supply the forward line.

i am quite happy with the defensive aspect of the tactic. going 7 games before i conceded any goals but that was a penalty against everton. in fact i have only conceded 3 goals in 12 games which i am excited about (that does however include a 2-1 defeat against spartak moscow)

i am not satisified with the attack aspect of the tactic. i feel the midfield could do alot more to help the forwards as i am only winning 1-0 or 2-0.

i dont feel the treq/comp fwd combination quite right for the tactic. not as potent as it should be considering whom i have at my disposal (rooney, RVP, hernandez, welbeck).

if any one would be able to give me some tips and advice i would be eternally grateful

with hope