Muncies masterpiece 5-3-2

  1. Muncies masterpiece 5-3-2

    Muncie's Master piece

    First and foremost, I would introduce myself, Ørjan Misund aka Muncie. The idea came to me after I struggled to stay alive in the Serie-A with AC Milan. no champions league, fell out Cuppa italia before Christmas and finished in 7th place in the league, was surprised I did not get fired. Something had to be done, I decided to put together a more balanced tactics. Something that would get me back on track. I won Champions League, Cuppa de Italia, Supercup and Serie-A. This is what I came up with:

    Formation & Instructions

    Muncies masterpiece 5-3-2-team_instructions.jpg

    Some results

    Muncies masterpiece 5-3-2-results.jpgMuncies masterpiece 5-3-2-barca-stats.jpg
    Muncies masterpiece 5-3-2-best-result.jpgMuncies masterpiece 5-3-2-juve-stats.jpg

    Muncies masterpiece 5-3-2-real-stats.jpg


    If you are pushed back and getting a lot of shooting opportunities from distance:
    Pass into space, play through defense and work ball into box.
    I have not needed to use any defensive shouts. I usually when defending a lead set strategy to counter and style to rigid.

    Pre-season and match prep

    team cohesion until season starts/brand new tactics I would have worked abit on tactics aswell
    attacking movement/set pieces against small teams or teams you know you should beat
    defending movement when up against teams you don't think you'll beat easly
    If you know they have large strikers that are good at heading, then defending set pieces.


    The Advanced Playmaker is set to attack, he could be set back to support to create more controll. Would have done that vs big teams.


    - Two limited defenders they need to have good pace, concentration, marking, tackling and positioning.
    (Dede, Alvaro Dominguez, Rafael Toloi, Jan Kirchoff)
    - Central defender need to be good at tackling, passing, positioning, decisions and concentration.
    (Toby Alderweireld, Davide Astori, Hector Moreno)

    Some notes

    this tactic has not been tested with any other teams then Man Utd and A.C Milan.
    So if you would be so nice and report back to me after trying this out. I am always open to suggestions in ways it can be improved. You will always have to tweak the tactic a bit to find the correct balance for your players.

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  2. going to give this a go with juv seeing as this is there starting tac will let u know how i get on

  3. Sounds nice, this tac is kinda designed to destroy juve. as there is impossible to beat them without 5 at the back. atleast have been for me

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